We all know how expensive getting an education can be. That’s why we’ve partnered up with BCA National to give one lucky entry the chance for a full scholarship award to study in 2016! The only thing standing in your way of getting the paid-for-education you’ve always wanted is 300 words or less.

Think of this as an opportunity, like when life gives you lemons. Are you gonna chuck them out, feed them to your pooch for some serious Youtube spark, or get down to business and make a killer bowl of lemonade?


We get it. That puppy is adorable and hilarious. But just like you, it’s going to grow up. We’re handing out a chance for a free, incredible Diploma in a course you’re interested in. A chance for you to grow up with the backing of a seriously competitive program.

That’s why Year13 has teamed up with BCA National to award one of you a full scholarship in 2016. You are the future of change, and with the backing of BCA National, Year13, and a fully paid-for Diploma, we believe we can make the future you envision possible. And make some lemonade along the way…. too much?

Want to know if you’re eligible? What about if the courses being offered are right up your alley? How about the big question: What’s the 300 words or less about? We’ve broken down everything you’ll need to know and we can’t think of anything easier than giving yourself this chance to start 2016 with the right start.

Who is eligible?

Individuals who have the right to study in Australia including Australian citizens and permanent residents. Individualswho are not over 18 years of age at the commencement date of the course, may be asked to provide written consent from a parent or guardian.


What courses are offered within the BCA National Scholarship Award 2016?

  • Diploma of Community Services (Case Management) (CHC52015)
  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113)
  • Diploma of School Age Education and Care (CHC50213)
  • Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51915)
  • Diploma of Accounting (FNS50215)


What is the selection criteria?

  • Proof of right to study within Australia
  • A response to the following question in 300 words or less. “How will this course benefit my personal lifelong learning journey?”
  • A response to the following question in 300 words or less. “What will learning need to look like in 2020 to engage future learners?”

A BCA Student Support Representative will conduct a phone interview with individuals selected as finalists. The purpose of the interview is to ensure the individual has all the information they need to make an informed decision, regarding their chosen course, before accepting the Scholarship Award.


When are applications accepted?

Applications will be accepted up to 5pm of 19 February 2016.


What will be expected scholars who accept a BCA National Scholarship Award 2016?

  • The most important expectation is a commitment to the time required to complete the course. Scholars will be provided with exceptional student support throughout the course; however it is ultimately the scholar’s responsibility to manage their time.
  • BCA would also seek permission to document via blogs, interviews, photos, and videos the scholars progress throughout the course for the purpose of:
      • Building our internal knowledge of the user experience in terms of delivery methods, support, engagement, materials, and learning outcomes; and
      • Marketing purposes

To apply for Your Scholarship: Award 2016.

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