Turns out, once you’ve ditched your school uniform and started your uni degree, things change and most of the things you were stressing about it high school become not such a big deal anymore.

1. Your ATAR

The very moment you get accepted for your degree, your ATAR means absolutely nothing. Nobody at uni is going to ask you what your ATAR was and, if you’re like me, you’re eventually going to forget what it even was. Job interviewers, from a retail position to a proper I-have-a-salary-and-my-own-parking-space position, won’t even ask to see your uni marks let alone your ATAR.

Sure, it’s shitty knowing that the efforts of those months of stress will become forgotten but it’s kind of a relief knowing that pressure is gone.

2. Your high school friends

Don’t take this the wrong way; you should totally stay in touch with your high school buddies if you want to. The great thing about uni, though, is that you’re bound to find somebody who will want to be friends with you for you. It’s not like high school where you kind of have to fit into a mould to fit in.

Uni is the perfect opportunity to ghost from those people you never really got along with, and make some new, potentially lifelong friends along the way.

3. Your degree

You might think you’re pigeon-holed into your degree once you choose it, but that’s not quite true. It’s a bit of a hassle, but you can always switch degrees and even majors (or add additional majors if you’re a crazy person) if you feel like it.

Depending on your uni and how far into a particular unit/degree you are, you may cop some fees – so earlier is always better. Not feeling that five-year law degree? Switch to zoology! You’ll be bombarded with people asking you why you switched but you’ll rest easy knowing you’ll be getting into a career you love.

4. Your image

Like I said earlier, uni is great in that you don’t really have to play a character any more. You can wear what you want, act how you want and like whatever you want and people don’t really care.

eople will respect you more for doing you. The people I remember most from my day-to-day life at uni were the ones who had a different look or vibe and just fuckin’ rocked it–be yourself and things will work out.

5. Your grades (to a point)

As soon as you get going you’re likely to hear a particularly golden phrase: ‘P’s get degrees.’ While it’s a bit lazy and dismissive, it does carry truth in that you need a minimum of a pass in all your units to graduate.

Don’t take this to mean you can just coast along though! You are (or will be) paying big bucks to do the degree you’re doing, and studying is fantastic in not only building knowledge but skills of self-discipline and work ethic that are invaluable in the long run. So, do your best and always try to improve, but if things get tough remember that it’s not like the HSC–a lower mark isn’t the end of the world.