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Experience beats prestige every day of the week when it comes to getting a job after university. You hear it time and time again, but it still needs to be drilled into school leavers because too many get caught up in the concept that you learn more in a sandstone building compared to one made out of bricks.
There has been a paradigm shift in how industries view and train fresh university graduates over the last decade, no longer are companies cool with employing a graduate and paying them a salary whilst teaching them the ins and outs of their job. We live in an age where experience is key and slowly some universities are catching up to the demands of graduate employers.

If you still don’t believe me, that’s ok, I have statistics. A survey of business leaders in America showcased how employers value college ‘pedigree’ compared to other factors. When hiring, 84% of employers said that the candidate’s amount of knowledge in the field was ‘very important.’ Only 28% said that their university major was very important and 9% said it was very important where they got their degree. As we mentioned before, having practical skills will outweigh almost anything else in a job hunt. Do yourself a favour and choose a university that aligns with this.

Perhaps the biggest problem with the current employment market is that there are so many graduates every year for a finite amount of jobs. It’s truly stunning that so few people are realising the massive competitive advantage that they could take by going to a university that bases itself around providing relative industry experience.


Take the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) for example they are currently the number one university in Queensland for graduates in full-time work (MyUniversity, 2013).

Take a step back and ask yourself why you go to university. If the answer is to get a job, then the above statistic should mean everything to you. Yes some students do go to university for the ‘experiences’ but the end product is a job and USQ pride themselves on working closely with industries to ensure all degrees are career-orientated. And you know the best thing about it? It doesn’t matter if you study online or on-campus at USQ as the qualifications you receive are identical.

If you’re like me or many other people, you might need to work whilst you study. USQ students are rewarded with one of the most flexible learning systems in Australia. Many universities offer online study but USQ gives students the ability to combine that with on-campus or part-time study as well. You could even gain industry related practical experience, and there aren’t many better ways to impress a potential employer than that.

Every university has student support services, but at USQ every student has their very own Student Relationship Officer to help them with any challenges. As someone who dropped out of his first degree, I now know that asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, but the smartest thing you can do. The most successful people in the world succeed because of the people around them, why not choose a university who wants you to succeed instead of one that just wants you to graduate. Furthermore, USQ offers scholarships for those who are active in their local community, achieving great academic results in various fields and for those experiencing hardships meaning there are opportunities for a wide range of applicants.

No one can make you choose a university, ultimately it’s up to you. But if anything in the article has stood out to you, then go to

There’s no harm in being informed.


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