Now that high school is well and truly over, your next giant leap is heading to uni and we want to give you the heads up, it’s not going to be a smooth ride to start with, especially not on the first day.

1. You’re going to get lost

Uni is a bloody jungle. With some campuses spanning across entire suburbs, it’s going to be extremely overwhelming figuring out where the fuck you are 90% of the time.

Make sure you have a look around the campus before day one, otherwise you’ll be wandering around for hours on end trying to find your first class.


2. You’re going to be nervous

You are going to feel nervous and out of place but, unsurprisingly, so will everyone else. Everyone is most likely doing their first round of uni as well so don’t bother giving yourself a pity party because everyone is in the same boat.

Being nervous is normal; this is a new and completely alien experience and we’d be more worried if you weren’t even a little nervy. Just don’t let this stop you from making the most of your first day.

3. Everyone seems kinda rude

As a result of the overwhelming, all encompassing nerves, you’ll probably think that uni is filled with a bunch of bitches.

Everyone will seem all high and mighty and you might think you’ll never compare to their perceived greatness.

Again, do not assume that everyone is either mean or untalkative: they’re probably just as shy as you are. To combat this, talk to people! Be brave! Fake it till you make it! No one really knows how to make friends, so just give it a go.

4. Lecturers don’t have time for your shit

If you were the kid who loved to be friends with teachers, prepare for a shock. Chances are, your tutors and lecturers are dealing with thousands of other students, so you are a very little fish in a very big pond.

That’s not to say they don’t care about you but you’re not going to be babied through the whole experience and long gone are the days of your teacher reminding you to get started on the assignment that’s coming up or force feeding your practice exams.

5. Inevitable ice-breakers

Something that just isn’t talked about enough within the sphere of starting uni is how god awful ice-breakers are.

Universities love throwing actual adults into a room and making them describe their entire being within 20 seconds, to a room full of people who just do not care. Get ready for ice-breakers in nearly every class you attend- they’re inevitable and painful but usually over relatively quickly.

The good thing about this list is you can pretty much prepare for every single one of the above points. Do a campus tour, get a diary and get ready to force yourself out of your comfort zone to make friends. And always have a few ‘fun’ facts ready to go so you don’t choke when you have to introduce yourself in front of the class.