Year13 boasts a young team of writers who are passionate about encouraging their mates to explore their career options because most of us have no idea wtf is out there. All of our writers are under 23 and many are still in high school, writing the odd article for us in between their mounds of study (bless u).

If you love writing, you reside in Australia and hope to one day work in Media/Communications/Journalism/Marketing this is a great way to start your portfolio. Most of the time if you want to write content, digital publications will care more about your EXPERIENCE than your STUDIES. We want to give you that experience. Here’s what you need to do:

Subject title:

I Want To Write For Year13!


In a couple of sentences tell us who you are and what you love doing. We want to see your personality plastered on our screen, because the way you talk about yourself will be the way your write your articles.

Add 3 content ideas with a title and a sentence or two about what you want to cover. Please make sure we haven’t covered a similar thing- it will be obvious if you have never read Year13 before! We want to see that you know our voice and style. Make sure the titles are things that allude to what the content piece is about, but leaves a little bit of mystery. If you saw that title in your newsfeed, would you click on it? Have a look at some of our most recent articles for an idea of how we construct them.


We are firm believers in paying people for their contributions to Year13. You took time to write, we want to pay you for that time. We have a bit of a payment structure in place, especially if you’ve never been published before:
$20 EFTPOS card for your first article published on Year13
If that goes well and you pitch us some more articles and we love them and want you to keep on writing, we’ll boost you up to $40 per article. And hey, if you’re residing in Sydney, it could lead to a lil in-office gig.

Who do you email?

Email Emma at – she started off writing the odd piece for us in this way and now she works in the Year13 office full time managing aallll Year13’s content. She dropped out of uni, is rubbing shoulders with top dogs in the industry and is absolutely KILLING it.

We will try get back to everyone!

But sometimes we get 100 emails and we still have to publish all the content on the site every day and then manage Facebook and reply to other work emails and have lunch breaks and toilet breaks and sit in meetings and write big strategy documents and update Instagram so sometimes we are just SOOO under the pump it’s crazy! We will try our very hardest, promise.

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