Alright, we’ve covered the muck up day ideas that should hopefully keep you from getting kicked out of school but what about the ones that are sure to give your entire grade the boot?

These are the kind of old school muck up day ideas that resulted in school formals being cancelled, weekend detentions and exam marks being confiscated. The kind that got muck up days cancelled for the rest of us.

We don’t condone these ideas but they’re pretty damn funny to read about anyway. Enjoy, and maybe don’t try at home.

1. Painted pigs

I’m not exactly sure why so many of the muck up ideas I’ve read about involve animals (seriously, where did you get that cow and how did you manage to get it onto the top floor??), but this was by far the most impressive and most talked about. All it takes is three pigs (easy) and some paint.

2. The school swimming pool

Not every school would have been able to partake in this one, but for those schools that did have a swimming pool, there were all sorts of nasty things people used to fill them with. Cubes of chicken stock, food colouring, jelly crystals, a fake shark… all classic favourites.

3. Car park charge

This one seems illegal but appears to have worked nonetheless.

A bunch of school students stood at the entrance to their teachers’ car park armed with water pistols, water balloons and hoses.

If teachers wished to gain entry they would need to pay a fee, or face being drenched from head to foot.

According to this particular story, no teachers got wet that day… which means the perpetrators made a heap of money.

4. DICKtation on the oval

Another classic that you’ve probably heard of before.

Using weed killer or a simple spade, students were able to carve gigantic penis drawings in to their school oval.

Done correctly, this can’t be fixed until the grass starts to grow back meaning the penises lasted a lot longer than the students did.

But, by far the ultimate penis graffiti is this one that no one even knew existed, which you can still see on Google Earth today.


5. School for sale

This was an easily achievable prank that wouldn’t have got the pranksters in too much trouble depending on how far it was taken.

All the students needed to do was slap on a giant ‘For Sale’ sticker across the school sign and post an add in the property section of the local paper.

It might not be too evil, however, doing the same thing for the principal’s car… now that is.

6. Hide the scooters

If any of your peers or teachers rode scooters or bikes to school, then this was fair game to be picked up and relocated somewhere else entirely.

Teachers would have come out scratching their heads when they found out their brand new Vespa wasn’t where they parked it.

And if there weren’t any scooter- or bike-riding teachers at the school then cling wrap or foil around the cars always did the trick.

7. Traffic redirection

This one appears to be a bit of a classic- using detour signs to redirect traffic around the school area.

Tales of traffic going in circles around the block, or even directing traffic to flow straight through the centre of the school quadrangle are widespread.

8. Airhorn pranks

Air horns featured heavily in some of the more old school pranks of the past. I have a feeling the teachers wouldn’t approve of this one in all the classrooms.


9. Streaking

Many-a muck up day streaker has gone down in history for flashing their naked bum at the most inappropriate of times. Unfortunately, these days it’s a sure fire way to get that bare ass of yours suspended.

10. Getting the principal suspended

This has been the result of some of the worst pranks taken too far, and doesn’t take all that much to achieve. I read about some strategically placed bongs in the principal’s office that got them all in a whole lot of trouble. Meanwhile, in America…