Alright fam, you’ve left your study to the last minute and now all the time you’ve got left is the night before and the spaces in between the actual exams. It’s definitely too late to actually learn everything but ditch the self pity and oncoming guilt and avoid the inevitable freak out. There’s still hope for some solid marks, you’ve just need to cram, and cram hard.

1. Work out how bad the situation is

Assess where you are on the ‘I’m fucked’ scale. If you know that for at least one of your classes you’ve got most of the material down pat, don’t bother spending all your time focusing on that subject. Figure out how you’re going to prioritise your time, whether it be memorising your Paper 2 essay, or rote learning a case study for Legal- make sure it’s going to be worth your very limited time. When you’ve figured out what you need to focus on, trim the fat- anything that isn’t directly related to the syllabus or a major point needs to be cut. Your brain doesn’t need any unnecessary information- this is about learning the crucial areas of the subject so you can scrape through.

2. Repeat, repeat, repeat

It’s probably too late for genuine learning at the point, so we’re going to go down the good old memorisation path.  The key to committing things to memory is repeating the shit out of them until they’re jammed into your brain as much as possible. Avoid just reading your notes because it’s super easy to go over the same thing ten times and still no be able to repeat a word of it fifteen minutes later. You’re going to want to be writing things down (good for essays and exams with long answer responses) or reading them out loud (good for dates, definitions or other short facts that can be regurgitated word for word on the page).

3. Avoid panic situations

When you’re outside the exam doors, there will be countless numbers of other students who are in the exact same position as you who are using their final minutes to tell everyone how doomed they are. With minimal minutes left until the exam, it’s the perfect time to cram the last few facts into your brain so you can spew them onto the page as soon as you’re told to pick up your pen. Panic will not be your friend at this point and while it’s tempting to join the hysteria with your own stories of procrastination and failure, don’t waste your time or energy.