It’s inevitable that after school hols you’re going to be wishing that you didn’t have to head back to school. Especially for those pushing through their final years… the oncoming storm of assignments and exams can seem like an impossible hurdle. 

You might be struggling to get anything done, unable to tackle the never ending list of shit to do. Here’s where these tips come in, because at this point anything that might have the possibility of helping you power through school work is worth a read.

1. Stop saying you don’t have time

It’s super easy to write something off by saying that you don’t have time. You have so much going on that the essay that you need to write can’t possibly fit into your schedule. School, work, study, sleep and family drain you of all your hours and the additional stuff, like homework and study, just can’t fit in. If you just had a couple more hours in the day you could get it done, right?

Wrong. You’re just not making it a priority.

If you want to see results- if you want to do well and kick ass on that assignment or ace that exam- you need to choose to use your time to do that. When you pick up your phone and scroll through Insta mindlessly for hours, you’re prioritising the pretty pics you won’t remember in 5 minutes over your results. 

Same goes if you’re binging on the latest Netflix series; you’re the one that’s actively decided to choose that. And sometimes, you need to. It’s okay to daze out in front of the screen every now and then, to lay in bed and spend hours on your phone and take a break from everything that’s going on. But don’t convince yourself that you need more hours in the day to get things done.

The time is there, it’s just up to you how you want to use it.

2. Just do the thing

How many times have you overanalysed a situation to the point when you’re absolutely dreading it because you’ve built it up in your mind so much? You’ve run through all the worst-case scenarios, the ‘what if’s’ and ‘could happens’ and suddenly whatever you need to do, whether it be an interview, a big game on the weekend or a class presentation, becomes the bogeyman and you’re desperately trying anything to avoid it.

Just do the thing, and do it quickly.

Don’t give yourself time to over think it. Obviously there are going to be plans that need to be made in advance; but there are other situations where you can just get it done, before you have a freak out. Need to make a quick phone call to book a dentist appointment? Pick up your phone and do it as soon as you remember. Need to finish that English homework? Chuck your school bag on the floor and pick up a pen; smash out the work before you have to make it a bigger deal than it is.

3. Make your own motivation

If you’re not feeling 100% into something, it’s easy to put it off and wait till some motivation rolls around. The essay you really need to start? The homework that was due yesterday? The study you should be doing for the upcoming exam? You’ll do it later; after school, when your shift finishes, when the weekend finally arrives.

Except ‘later’ rolls around and you’re still not feeling it, it’s still not the perfect moment. You’ve put it off for the millionth time and you’re still not any closer to getting it done.

This is the point where you just have to do something, anything, even if it’s shitty. Because, really, when have you ever felt super motivated to do anything study related? Sometimes you just need to get stuck in and make your own motivational groove. Pick something small: choose your essay question, do a quick google search on some sources you might use, write a terrible paragraph that makes no sense. Literally anything to kick yourself into gear and get rid of that dreaded blank page- the motivation will follow, trust me.