With the end of the year in sight, there’s a couple of things you need to do before you leave. It’s the end of an era so make the most of your last days at high school.

1. Thank your teachers

Go around to the classrooms that you spent hours waiting to get out of.  Thank your teachers; the ones who made class bearable and the ones who put up with you being late every day.

Thank them for the movie days, essay help and everything they taught you throughout the year. Thank them for the light bulb moments and appreciate the bad days they helped you through as much as the good. 

Promise to come back and visit, even if it’s only once and thank them for having faith that you would get through the year.

2. Take photos

Take group photos in your old classrooms with ‘best class ever’ written on the white board behind you. Take photos with your favourite teacher; the one who made English bearable or who taught you that you are worth more than your marks.

Take photos of your friends; some that will stick by you in the years to come and some you’ll lose touch with in a couple of months.

Take cheesy selfies with your tongue out and a massive grin on your face and take snaps of when the reality hits you and you’re bawling your eyes out. Take a photo of your squad sitting out on the quad at lunch and during your last ever assembly. Take photos when your mates are walking out the school gates and when they have their heads down studying in the library.

3. Spend time with your friends

Enjoy what could be your last days together. Spend hours lying next to each other in your school uniforms, scrolling through your phone and not talking. Sit in the sun during recess and lunch and talk about memories from primary school, embarrassing moments and which boys you liked.

Bitch about the people you can’t wait to say goodbye to and promise each other that you’ll be best friends forever no matter what. Decide on graduation outfits and talk about your plans for next year and how you have no idea what the fuck you’re doing. Freak out about exams together so you can remind each other that you’re not alone.

4. Muck up day

Figure out what you can pull off without getting in trouble. Print photos of your entire class’s face and stick them around the classroom before your teacher walks in. Convince the grade to dress up on the last day and throw a party for your favourite teacher.

Make (or hire if you can afford it) a photo booth and take silly pics with cheesy grins. Make good memories of your last days; they’ll be worth more in the long run than an extra couple of hours of study.

5. Skip class

Don’t bother turning up for roll call and forget about cramming a last bit of study in. Head to the beach and lie in the sun. Go for a drive with your friends and blast old school hits while you slurp on frozen cokes.

Don’t think about exams, or uni or deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life. Enjoy the freedom of having a whole day to do whatever you want.