Festivals are magical places. The best memories are made from dancing until your feet ache, belting out the lyrics you know and making up the ones you don't, falling from your friends' shoulders in the mosh and racing from one stage to the next to catch every song possible. There's literally nothing like listening to incredible music with your favourite people.

Now, I hate to sound like your mother, but it’s possible to have the grooviest time whilst also staying safe. No one wants to miss their favourite band because they’re getting their stomach pumped in the middle of the day.

1. Slow and steady wins the race

If you’re over 18, festivals can be seen as one big piss up. What’s easy to forget whilst you’re double parking drinks is that you’re going to be on your feet for hours and hours under that hot Aussie sun. A festival is a marathon, not a sprint and you’ve spent a lot of your hard-earnt dosh on this ticket so make sure you’re there to experience it all.

Instead of forcing your poor friends to take you to the medi-tent before any of the headliners have even started, pace yourself. Have a cheeky drink every now and then with your mates and enjoy being able to see all of your favourite musicians in one place.

2. Stick with your pals

I’ve made so many festival mistakes. One of which was leaving my phone in my friends’ bag, getting lost and then not being able to find my friends for the rest of the night. Flying solo at a festival pretty much sucks, so try to keep your phone on you or even write your mates’ numbers on your arm. Have a planned meeting area in case you all get separated, but it's best to just try and stick together and look out for each other. No mate left behind.

3. H20: Just Add Water

I’m not talking about the critically acclaimed TV show, I’m talking HYDRATION. Water is your friend! Festivals normally have free water taps everywhere so make sure you scout them out when you walk in. In a pinch, food and drink vendors will provide water as well. You’re going to be on your feet, running around to different stages and sweating bullets whilst dancing so keep those water levels up! Do it for the mermaids.

4. Have a chill

It feels so good to take time to sit on the grass with your mates and give your feet some well-deserved rest and relaxation time. Grab a bite to eat, sort out where and when bands are playing next, check that you haven’t lost your wallet or phone, take a breather and zen out. You’re going to need your energy for the next round of bangers.

5. How’re you getting home?

It’s something many forget to sort out before they arrive at the festival grounds, but it’s one of the most important; how the hell are you getting home?! Have a lift ready, a phone charged for an uber or a taxi or a designated driver. Some festivals offer free buses so suss that out too. Then you can get home safe to shower the glitter, dirt and sweat off and have sweet dreams of the good memories you’ve made.