Sometimes you want to make some quick money, but you don’t want to commit to the whole saga of getting an extra job. You just need to bank some coin ASAP and then get on with your life. We’ve all been there. So here are some suggestions for how to do it.

1. Freelancing

There are a bunch of different websites that provide freelance work opportunities, and many of them are on a one-off basis. Airtasker and are a good start, because they give you notifications about specific jobs as they come up, then you can bid for the roles in real time. Otherwise you can browse all the jobs that are on offer as you please. is more focused around tech related opportunities, such as web design, software development, Photoshop work and data entry etc, while Airtasker has everything from cleaning to gardening to flyer delivery.

2. Professional op shopping

It’s getting harder these days—since the price of op shop items seems to have skyrocketed in recent times—but with the right pair of eyes, you can definitely earn some extra pocket money as a semi-pro op shopper. It works like this: you find the ultra chic clothes in your local op shop, the stuff that’s really designer, in good condition and super dapper. Buy it. Even if it doesn’t fit you, just buy it. Once you’ve got an array of hip outfits, you take that stuff to the market and sell it for double, triple or quadruple the original price. You can also sell this stuff online via sites like Facebook, Gumtree or Etsy.

3. Furniture scavenging

This one’s fairly similar to the op shopping idea, except you need a car – preferably a ute, a van or something with roof racks. Instead of buying clothes though, you figure out where there’s a council cleanup in your area, then go out there and scavenge all the nicest furniture and random knick knacks. Once you’ve got a bit of a stockpile, you can advertise to sell the wares online for some sweet profit. Pro tip: try the wealthiest suburbs. It’s an attractive option because running the car is the only cost involved; the rest is profit.

4. Driving

If you’ve got a car, it could be worth offering your services providing lifts and helping people move stuff. You can just get on and post a free ad explaining where you’re located, what kind of car you have and when you’re available. If you’ve got a ute or a van you might be best suited to the moving business, whereas if you’ve got a car that’s less than 10 years old, you might want to get something more long term happening with Uber.

5. Mystery shopping

 Mystery shoppers are like spies. They’re employed by recruitment agencies to check up on a business’s performance on delivering good customer service. So when you’re a mystery shopper, you’re assigned to go to a shop to buy stuff, then you have to report back on the customer service. You might have to write a little report about how the checkout clerk treated you, whether the product was easy to find, whether the store was clean etc. Afterwards, you get reimbursed for your purchases and you get a little bit of money for your trouble. It’s a weird one, and maybe not as profitable as some of the others, but it sounds pretty easy. You can sign up over here.