Getting a job isn’t always as easy as just handing in your resume to a couple stores. Finding a job can be hard and there are often heaps of things that people get wrong on their first go applying somewhere. If you’re wondering why you don’t have a job yet despite filling in a hundred applications, here’s a couple of reasons why:

1. Not exploiting connections with family and friends

A lot of people feel the need to get their own job all by themselves. Don’t be too proud to ask your parents or friends to reach out to their networks and ask around for you. It’s all about who you know not what you know a lot of the time. Use your networks to their full potential, you never know who will be able to land you a job.

2. Giving up after handing your resume in twice

Make sure if you are really looking for a job that you do it actively. Passively handing in your resume and hoping someone will contact you won’t get you anywhere. Decide on a couple places you’re really interested in, ask to talk to the manager and make an impression. Follow up on your friends that have said they’ll talk to their boss for you, chase up job applications and be on top of replying to emails.

3. Slacking off during the application process

You need to decide straight away if you want a job and make sure you commit to applying properly. If it’s your dream to work at a specific place, check if they’re hiring at every store whenever you go in. Even if you’re applying to a range of businesses, make sure you don’t half-ass the application process just because you’re handing in multiple resumes–employers will recognise a half-hearted attempt.

4. Being picky

You’re not the only one looking for a job (especially around Christmas when everyone is trying to earn a bit of extra cash) so you can’t afford to be picky about where you work. You don’t have to be passionate about groceries to work in a grocery store because sometimes you just need that first crappy job as a stepping stone. Don’t be a job snob.

5. Sending in shit cover letters

A good cover letter is almost as your resume–it tells the employer more about why you want to work for their business and gives them a sense of your personality. Don’t make it boring! Each job you apply for is different– in order to stand out, make sure to put a bit of effort in researching the business you’re applying to and tailor the contents of your letter to suit what they’re looking for.