If you reckon babysitting is a breeze or your position in your friend group is forever the 'mum', working with kids might just be the thing for you. It means you’ll have the perfect excuse to see all the new Disney movies that are apparently just for kids and it’s one of the only workplaces where you’ll walk in and be tackled with hugs from tiny humans.

1. Blast from the past

I miss the days of being a little kid. I miss looking at all the adults around me and thinking they knew everything or trying to catch my toys talking like in Toy Story. There’s plenty of things from my childhood I wish I could be surrounded by again and if you feel the same, then working in childcare is perfect for keeping you young and holding onto that nostalgia.

2. Hilarious stories

Kids are bloody hilarious. Their way of thinking and problem solving, habits and mannerisms, charming naivety, wild imaginations, and unfiltered honesty will give you trillions of stories. Don’t believe me? Just go check out the Kids Write Jokes twitter.

3. Kids are easy to please

Adults are complicated. They're passive-aggressive, they don't know what they want and they keep things to themselves. Kids are easy. If they're tired, hungry, scared or hurt, they'll tell you.

Rather than working in a strict work environment with grey suits, emails, deadlines and colleagues that are hard to please and understand, kids are simple. They're smiling most of the time and you know exactly what’s wrong if they’re not.

4. They think you’re the best

Here's a cheeky ego boost for ya. Little kids think you're bloody awesome. You're an enigma to them. How are you so big? How do you know so much? They’ll be in awe of you.

5. You shape their future

You are influencing their lives; the way they act, react, their habits, hobbies, and dreams. You could be the one who puts the first paintbrush into the hand of a soon to be artist or inspire a little one that loves science to go out and change the world one day. That's wild.

6. It’ll make you a better person

Kids look up to you. They want to be like you and learn from you which makes you become a better person by default, purely because you won’t want to let them down.

7. You don’t need an ATAR or to go to uni

Working with kids is one of those careers that has a range of pathways you can go down which is perfect if you’re not keen on heading to university any time soon.

One of those paths is through a traineeship in childcare which gets you qualified with on-the-job learning. You’ll be paid to learn, getting real-world experience and a head start in your career – does it get any better than that? Despite what you might think, going down the traineeship pathway is a top-notch qualification.

So, if you’re giving out your talents for free to your best mates or you’re the first to put your hand up to babysit, why not get started on a traineeship? Head over here to check out more details and find a position near you. Or, if you want some more info you can head here to register your interest and someone will be in touch to help you out.