I remember being in primary school and looking at teenagers as if they were superheros; they were the coolest, wisest people on the planet. I was eagerly awaiting the day where I’d be a part of that pack and when I’d finally get to be a aprt of the teenage experience that movies had promised me.

Teenagers are bombarded with content on what their lives should look like. Movies, TV, more recently, social media have drilled this idea into us of what it means to be the 'perfect' teen. 

Think about all the times you've seen kids in movies throw wild parties while their parents are away with no real consequences, or skip school to go on adventures without their teachers catching them. This is just the start–on the screen, teenage life is full of road trips, late night adventures and wild parties.

We're led to believe that being a teenager involves life-changing make-overs and falling in love and while we know on some level these moments aren't real (the fact that the actors are usually twice our age gives the game away).

Even though we know they're fake, it's still hard not to idolise these sort of moments. When all you're doing is studying or sitting on your phone scrolling through articles (same), it's hard not to notice the lack of all the defining moments you thought you'd be having as a teenager.

No cute boy is sweeping you off your feet, the amazing transformation you thought you'd have over summer holidays hasn't happened and nobody is about to announce you're a princess of a tiny country no one knows about.

The truth is, just because you're not livin' the imagined 'teenage dream' doesn't mean you're doing something wrong. You can have a bloody good time without all the tropes that come with Netflix's teen movies or your favourite cheesy rom com.

Some of us don't have a cliche high school romance, our licence and a cute car or any big 'dream' that we're chasing. Some of us are just trying to get through the week without completely failing a class or having a break down.

But that doesn't mean you're doing something wrong and you're probably going to look back in fifty years with nostalgia and realise you had a better time than you realised. 

Don't stress if you're disappointed, you still have years and years ahead of you and life is never what we expect. Your teenage years don't have to be the stuff of movies but there are things you should do now more than ever, things you’ll regret not doing that don't involve the crappy plot lines of high school flicks.