What’s it all about?

So you want to be a ‘Sparky’, do you? This trade apprenticeship will give you all the tools, knowledge and skills needed to be a successful and masterful electrician.

Will it suit me?

If investigating and fixing all things electrical excites you, then you’ve ended up in the right place if you find yourself doing an electrical apprenticeship.
It can be dangerous when you’re playing with fire, so you’ll have to be smart and have your wits about you when on the job. You are required to have passed Year 10 before you begin this course, and you will need good mathematical and English skills. There’s more…..you will also need to have good eyesight, full colour vision, have attention to detail, be good with technical knowledge, fine co-ordination and analysing problem skills, and not mind confined spaces, heights, outdoors, or dealing with people.

What will I learn?

Your electrical training will be made up of both theory and practical work at TAFE or college, and on the job. This involves learning about how electricity works, diagnosing faults, repairing fixtures, building and designing electrical machinery, installing equipment, and more.

How long will it last and what is the wage?

As with most other apprenticeships, it will take you 4 years to become a qualified electrician, and longer if you want to become an electrical engineer or specialise in other electrical fields.
A 1st year apprentice will make around $280 a week, $390 a week in the 2nd year, $530 a week in the 3rd year, and around $630 a week in the 4th year of your training.

What careers will there be for me and what will I earn?

When you’ve made the grade, you’re liable to earn anywhere from $950 for an average employed sparky, up to $1300 for those working in the construction, telecommunication, or specialised electrical industries. You can set up your own business as a sole trader or employ others to work for you, and earn up to $250,000 a year depending on whether you do private work or score big contracts with companies. You might explore other areas and end up doing lighting displays and shows for stages and performances, or become an engineer who designs and constructs or advises other electricians. There’s always work with lots of different possibilities when you study and build your career in this kind of trade.