No doubt your teachers loaded you up with a heap of homework and study to do over the school holidays. It’s tough finding any motivation when you’re sleeping it till noon and not heading to a classroom everyday, but here’s some handy hints that will help get you through.

To help you focus

While there’s arguments around whether music will help you concentrate while studying,  a lot of people find that listening to white noise or rain can help you knuckle down and smash some work out.

Stayfocused is a chrome extension that will time your visits to distracting sites like Facebook, and limit how long you can stay on them. You set all the time limits and the sites, so you can plan it to make sure you’re able to have a quick scroll during your study break. If this isn’t harsh enough to get you to stop procrastinating, try SelfControl. It’s based off the same concept but once started you have to wait for the timer to run out before being able to use your blocked sites-  even restarting your laptop won’t undo this one.

Other ways to help your focus is to try out different study techniques like the Pomodoro Technique. The theory behind this one is you immerse yourself in a task for twenty five minutes (it could be researching for an essay, going through flash cards or doing practice maths questions). Twenty five minutes isn’t a long time, so it’s easier to stomach than telling yourself you have hours of study ahead of you. Once you smash that you, you get a little break- grab a cuppa, have a snack, scroll through insta for five minutes or send some snaps to your friends about how productive you’re being. Then, once your five minutes is up, you jump back into it.

To help you learn

Sometimes, you need a crash course in your class content before you can even start to understand what your teacher is talking about. This is where Youtube comes in. There’s a heap of channels that can help you with topics you’re struggling with and are perfect for late night cramming sessions when you can’t read over your notes again. Here’s a starting list, but if you chuck your subject and the topic heading in the search bar you’ll definitely be able to find some more.

To help you keep going

Sleep is really important when studying. There’s no point powering through content when you’re super tired- if you’re half asleep you have no chance of remembering anything and banking some solid sleep is going to be better in the long run. is a sleep calculator that will tell you when you should go to bed/wake up. It’s based off the idea that most sleep cycles last around ninety minutes and it’s easier to get out of bed in between these cycles rather than in the middle of one. Basiclly, it does the sleeping math for you. It’s not 100% scientifically sound, but it’s worth a go.

If you’re starting to get to the point where you just want to give up, motivational videos can give you the push you need to keep going for a little bit longer. This is one that is constantly doing the rounds on Facebook, but googling ‘motivational videos’ will also do the trick. And, if you want to put things in perspective, Year13’s own video is pretty damn good.