In February 2017, more than 650,000 people in Australia between 15 and 24 were looking for work or not working enough hours. These numbers are partly because there has been a shift away from full time work and into casual, part-time and freelance work – factors that are beyond the average person’s control.

There’s a tendency to blame young people for this – to brand us as lazy, irresponsible or incapable. But this really isn’t fair. There are plenty of young people out there who are actively looking for a job or really keen to work more but simply can’t find a job.

Work can be really empowering. Not only is it an avenue to build life skills and independence, it can help us get through our problems.

Tymeka, who got a job in administration after being expelled from school said, “How I overcome things is going to work and making sure that I keep my mind busy and doing things that I want to do and I actually enjoy my work.”

Ryan, a concreter who was aggrieved after his friend was stabbed to death said: “Work has kept me normal.”

And while work has helped countless young people gain independence, initiate healthy routines and overcome their personal grievances, it’s still a challenge to get employed. So, how do you get a job?

If you’re in QLD and considering an apprenticeship or traineeshipp, BUSY At Work can guide you through the process. They also have a super helpful website called Apprenticeship Central where you can upload your CV or search for what’s available in your area.

BUSY also host a service that’s specifically designed to help young people get employed, especially those who are early school leavers or who have had difficulty getting into work after school. The initiative, called Transition to Work, gives you whole range of employability skills, including resume and cover letter writing, speaking, presenting, computer skills and budgeting. Slide into their DMs if that sounds like you.