If you’re looking to head to uni you’ve probably heard a lot of different advice from a lot of different people. To help you figure out what the truth is, we spoke to our mates at the University of Canberra about things like getting a job and how hard exams are. 

1. You won’t be able to get a job

While it’s true that a degree doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a job, UC gives you all the opportunities to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. From internships to study abroad programs, UC knows how to make you employable. According to the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching, UC’s graduate employment rate sits at nearly 90%– above the national average.

2. Uni is all classroom based

While this might be true of some universities that are more research focused, UC knows that real world experience is super important for getting a job and they’re committed to making sure their students get the experience they need. Their ‘Work Integrated Learning’ (or WIL) program will help you land an internship that future employers will love.

3. Every uni assessment will be as hard as your final exams

The truth is uni is a completely independent learning environment so it’s up to you how hard you make it. UC gives you all the resources you need to make getting your degree as smooth as possible (like a top quality library and student study spaces). Plus, if things get a bit too hectic they have face to face learning and study support as well as counselling services that will help you out.

4. You have to choose between travelling and uni

UC knows that travelling overseas can be a valuable learning experience, which is why they have programs like Student Exchange and Study Abroad. You have the option to study at one of UC’s exchange partner universities in Europe, Asia, North America or South America. Or, if you want to head somewhere else, you’ve also got the chance to research your own options to study aboard while gaining UC degree credit. It means that you can travel while chipping away at your degree- win-win.

5. If I don’t a high ATAR, I won’t be able to go to uni

Our mates at UC know that things can happen while you’re at school that can affect your final ATAR. That’s why they have a heap of different alternative pathways that can get you to where you want to be. One of your options is UC College which will get you prepped for your course even if you couldn’t get straight in with your ATAR.