Just outside Panama City in Central America, lies an experimental urban project that’s pushing toward becoming a modern day utopia. Within 7000 acres of rainforest, lies Kalu Yala, the town that’s working to become the most sustainable in the world. From solar energy to sustainable housing to edible farming practices, Kalu Yala is all about developing a blueprint for a better world. And that’s where you come in…

Kalu Yala has a whole range of opportunities for student interns and young professionals who want to get first hand experience in their field of study, all with a focus on sustainability.

The study options are amazingly broad, with disciplines including biology, public health and wellness, Spanish language classes, sustainable agriculture, culinary arts, media, business and entrepreneurship, outdoor recreation, design thinking, public education and community development.

The motto is “learn by doing” and Kalu Yala say they “insist on exploration.” The internship programs are quite different to a standard university subject, with a massive focus on the creative and immersive aspects of learning. The programs are best suited towards university students who are looking to gain practical experience in their field, with enough options for almost everyone.

Set up by former real estate agent Jimmy Stice, Kalu Yala is obviously philosophically different to the more traditional models of urban development. “I started to realize that the way we were building the world was really ripping me off,” Stice told Mashable in 2014. He felt that the suburbs were boring and limiting and wanted to create a more interesting community, not just socially, but in terms of creativity, development and sustainability. Now, Kalu Yala is continuing to grow and develop.

There’s also loads of fun stuff happening around Kalu Yala’s jungle camp, with yoga sessions, waterfall adventures, horseriding trips, wildlife viewing and volleyball games. It’s also the perfect launching pad to explore the country of Panama and the rest of central America.

What you get:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals on weekdays with vegetarian and gluten free options
  • Project supplies
  • Airport transportation
  • Laundry Facilities (for Panama City and San Miguel- based programs; Valley based students are encouraged to hand wash and hang dry clothing but may use these facilities when visiting)
  • Internet is limited in the valley. Interns may also use San Miguel and Panama City Wi-Fi when visiting.

Cost: $6,995 – $7495

To apply, you can check out their site and fill out the form. It only takes ten minutes and could change your life!