You might not know this, but once you hit the age of 21 you’re immediately considered ‘mature age’ in the apprenticeship and traineeship world. Yep, even though you’ve only just got the right to drink in America, you’ve become a “mature” apprentice or trainee. And the problem is that most employers seek out the under 21s as the cheaper option.

But don’t worry too much. Sure, historically it’s been harder for people 21 and over to find work as an apprentice or trainee, but the tides are turning. In fact, there has been 14.8% increase in adult apprenticeships from last year. Plus, there are a bunch of reasons why mature age apprentices are the right way to go…

You’ve had more time to figure out what you want

Trying to make a decision about the direction of your life straight out of school is like trying to decide what you’re going to feel like for lunch in twenty year’s time. So unless you have a real strong penchant for a particular kind of luncheon meat, it’s almost impossible.

Whether you’re 21 or 51, the extra time outside of school when you experience the world and the work force will help inform your career decisions. You’re more ready to decide on a trade as the right choice because you’ve already been around the block a few times. Which brings me to…

You’re more committed

If you’ve had time to travel and work a job or two, then chances are you’re going to be more committed when you get yourself into a mature age apprenticeship or traineeship. You’ve had time to think, and an apprenticeship is not just something you’re “trying out”. You’re ready to dig in deep and get your hands dirty, literally and metaphorically.

The drop out rate of apprentices and trainees in Australia is sitting somewhere around 50%. It’s a massive issue, particularly for employers who are struggling to keep their apprentices around. Committed tradies are hard to come by these days, so if you can stay loyal to a good employer, you’ll be highly valued.

You have a better work ethic and attitude

Some employers have taken to hiring mature age apprentices for the fact that they can trust them to have a better attitude and sense of respect when it comes to work. It doesn’t necessarily mean that young apprentices are bad employees. It’s simply that mature age workers are likely to have had more experience conducting themselves in the work force.

As a mature age worker, it’s also possible that there are higher stakes when it comes to impressing a boss and keeping a job. The older you are, the more responsibilities you have, like mortgages and rent and bills. This often makes you a more motivated worker, because your job is important to your lifestyle.

You’ll earn more money

Commencing your apprenticeship after turning 21 has one nifty benefit, and that’s higher wages. The reason it’s easier for young apprentices to find work is mostly due to the mere fact that they are cheaper labour. But, with all of the above taken into consideration, employers are starting to see the benefits of paying a little extra for a reliable apprentice.

If all of the above sounds right up your alley, then we’ve got opportunities for all you mature age workers out there (and the under 21s too!). Our friends over at Master Builders Association can hook you up with an apprenticeship or traineeship, plus provide pathways to higher education if you want to add a degree to your list of qualifications! So hit ‘em up and get started in an apprenticeship or traineeship ASAP.