As the sun continues to shine and the heat proves to be scorchin’, there is no better time to think about leaving behind your responsibilities in the rear-view mirror.

No matter the destination, grabbing some of your mates, a copious amount of snacks, a playlist full of tunes and taking off down an endless stretch of road is an adventure no one can refuse.

But, it can be tricky to muster up the troops and actually hit the road. Not to mention it can go south pretty quick when you forget some essentials.

Here’s some tips on organising a kick-ass road trip with your mates.

1. Be picky about who you take

Pick the friends you go with wisely. It’s no secret that you don’t know someone until you travel with them and a road trip is no exception.

Spending hours crammed in the car can take its toll on even the best of friends and chances are at some point you’ll argue about directions, fight over who gets to control the playlist and complain that someone was stingy when paying for snacks.

If you don’t get along when you’re travelling it can be a recipe for a disaster. The friends you pick to go with on your road trip could make it the best time of your life or a nightmare.

2. Pick a car and organise a driving roster

What’s a road trip without a car, right? Before you hit the road, you and your mates are going to have to decide whose car will be doing the hard yards. You should be considering things like leg room, how much petrol it needs, auto vs. manual and the strength of the speakers and air con.

Once that’s sorted, you might want to discuss delegating driving duties. You may spend hours on the road depending on your destination and without a set schedule, someone will probably slack off.

Roster in driving shifts alongside rest stops and remember that driving during the day when everyone is singing along to old school bangers and having the time of their life is very different to driving at midnight when all your mates have nodded off to sleep.

3. Pack light

Pick a travel bag or small suitcase that will fit in the car easily and only pack the essentials. You don’t need three outfits for one day and things like toothpaste can be shared to save a lil space.

If you pack light, the car will be comfy so you won’t be crammed in the car with your knees up to your chest.

4. Snacks and lots of ‘em

Being on the road can be expensive when it comes to food.

Servos charge you a fortune for a packet of chips and eating a heap of Maccas isn’t the healthiest of options.

Make sure you stock up at your local Coles or Woolies before you hit the road and cover the essentials: chips, lollies and chocolate. The more the better.

5. Curate the perfect playlist

The beginning of any road trip begins with sheer anticipation and excitement but after a while, boredom can creep in. The most essential for any life changing road trip is an absolute cracker of a playlist that you and your mates can belt along to.

Fill it with plenty of old school goodies and absolute tunes. Yes, I’m most definitely advising you chuck The Veronicas in there. Thank me later.

Being young means we can be carefree, spontaneous and head out on the open road with our mates. It gives us the opportunity to completely forget and let go.

If you’re planning to hit the road, make sure you check this list off as you go but more importantly, try not to overthink it. Half the fun of road tripping is the fact that you can just jump in a car and go. What are you waiting for?