I’m about to turn into that sappy and emotional football coach from those sometimes-cringy sports movies but hear me out. Everyone loves a good pep talk, and if you’re looking for that final push of motivation to get some study done for your exams, here it is.

13 years. 13 years of study. 13 years of teachers. 13 years of friends. 13 years that have shaped your life in more ways than one. 13 years and now, it’s game time.

Your final exams have been a constant presence throughout your entire school life and now they’re here. If you listen to one part of this article, it’s this:

you’ve got this.

You might be feeling you’re completely prepared, you might be scrambling for whatever notes you have or you might have given up a loooong time ago (no judgement).

Regardless of how ready you are, you need to know you’re going to come out of this okay.

No exam will break you. No all-night study session will break you. No exam will shape you. You’re completely able to make it through this alive and able to take on whatever happens after high school.

You’ve gone through friendship breakups, seen people you’ve known since kindy change completely and cut toxic people out of your life. You’ve made some memories that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, laughed at inside jokes that only you and your best friend understood and bonded with people who will stick by your side no matter what happens.

You’ve watched your world change in different ways each year you’ve been in school. And somehow, you’ve made it out okay- how is right now any different?

You need to give yourself credit with how resilient you can be, how much shit you’ve put up with and still managed to pull through.

These next few weeks might feel like they’re going to make or break your future. That somehow, they’ll give you the ticket to success if you push yourself hard enough.

Honestly though, this is bullshit. Your ambition can get you over any line as long as you let it and no mark will dictate the rest of your life; your results should never be the most important thing in your life.

Your mental health, above everything, is what’s most important; never compromise it.

Look after yourself. Look after your friends. Let them know that you, and so many others, are willing to help. These exams are going to feel like an eternity, but once you’re on the other side, everything is going to seem so much brighter.

Whilst this pep talk has probably cured you of all worries, if you need some more ace advice and study tips, our study guide has some no-bullshit, actually useful ways to tackle these final exams.

We’ve got faith in you, so go smash out those exams and we’ll see ya on the other side.