Moving out of home is a massive step to becoming a 'Real Adult'. There's a tonne of perks, like not having your mum nagging you about cleaning your room or taking out the bin. There's also a tonne of responsibilities like actually having to pay bills and finally realising why your mum was always on you to turn off the light when you left a room (electricity bills aren't cheap). 

Here's a handful of other things you don't realise till you're facing a home all by yourself.

1. There’s no one to get rid of any unwanted creepy crawlies in your room

Within my first month of moving out, I had two horrible encounters. I had a giant Huntsman scuttle along my wall while I was in bed. I was so distraught I ended grabbing my blanket and pillow and slept on the couch; clutching a bug spray bottle to my chest. I still don't know where that lil shit went and I hope to god he's not living under my couch waiting for me to lower my guard.

Not long after that, I was trying to sleep when a cockroach decided to join me in my bed. The moment that little demon touched my skin, I said “hell nah” and asserted my dominance by flicking it off and drowning it in bug spray.

2. You actually have to cook if you want to eat

Cooking always sounds like so much fun until you have to turn on a stove. It takes time and energy which you probably won't have when you're used to coming home to a meal ready for you.

Not only will you end up eating the same thing over and over because it's easier to make one big meal, but you’ll also push the use by date on things. One night I ate defrosted ham with week-and-a-half old zucchini and spinach, on a garlic flavoured wrap I’d ripped in half because part of it was stale. Talk about sadness in every bite. Mi-Goreng also becomes a staple: it's cheap, easy and can be made fancy by chucking an egg on top.

3. You have to remember bin night (and other chores)

It's all fun and games forgetting to put out the bins until you wake up on Wednesday morning to the sound of the garbage truck rumbling away, leaving you with an overflowing bin in your front yard. 

Moving out means there's no one to remind you to close all the windows when there's bad weather forecast or to bring in your sheets from the line before it gets dark.

4. Not everyone lives the same way you do

Chances are you're moving in with someone else. Regardless of whether that person is your best mate from high school or a random couple you've never met before, you're going to need to learn how to live with someone other than your family who will love you unconditionally regardless of whether you leave dirty dishes in the sink.

Everyone has their own quirks and you'll realise pretty quickly that everyone's got a different standard of clean and tidy. Learning how to cope is essential.

5. If you run out of toilet paper while you’re on the loo, you’re screwed

This is what siblings are born for but once you're out of home, you're stranded. 

6. You have to book your own appointments

Doctors appointments, haircuts and car check-ups all have to be organised by you now; there's no palming them off to mum anymore.

 7. Homebrand will become your best friend

85c for a packet of pasta??? Yes please.

Leaving your family can be daunting, but going your own way is incredibly fulfilling. Moving out of home is a huge change but it allows you to grow and learn (plus throw as many parties as you want). Countless adventures and ridiculous stories come with moving out of home and despite some of the shitty bits of leaving behind the comfort of your family, it's pretty bloody amazing to experience the freedom of being in the world on your own.

by Dayna Williams