I'm not going to argue this one with you–house parties are the best. You’ve got goon sacks full of Fruity Lexia attached to the clothesline, green plastic garden chairs scattered throughout the backyard and a table set up for the old faithful, beer pong.

Couples are making out, somebody is drunk off two Cruisers and you and your mates are scabbing any alcohol you can get your grubby mitts on.

But you know what increases the fun of house parties tenfold? A theme. 

You know what ruins the fun of house parties tenfold? Trying to come up with a theme. 

Luckily for you, we've got you sorted with ten themes that don't suck. Check 'em out and start planning your outfit.

1. Kath and Kim

Kath and Kim are the pinnacle of Aussie culture. Chuck on some low-cut jeans and a crop top and voila, you’re Kim. Got a polo shirt? Find a bib and you’re the iconic Sharon. Although Kath and Kim have limited characters, the way you can dress them up provides for endless opportunities. Trust me, this theme goes off.

2. Rubiks Cube

Everyone turns up wearing pieces of different coloured clothing (e.g. blue shorts, a red top). The rules are to swap your pieces of clothing with people and attempt to leave wearing one colour. It encourages social interaction and people are taking their clothes off. Genius.

3. Double denim

Traditionally it's a sin to wear double denim on any given day (unless it’s circa 2001 and you’re Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears) but a double denim themed party is always a good time and the true challenge is figuring out how many different pieces of denim clothing you can incorporate in your outfit.

4. Dynamic duos

Think Jessie & James, Shaggy & Scooby Doo or Barbie & Ken. Grab a mate and pick two duos that are inseparable. 

5. I can’t believe I own this

Get your mates to grab their ugliest outfit or clothing from their wardrobe. This is a strict rule–they can't buy anything new. All night you’ll be laughing at one another for how ridiculous you are for owning that tacky plaid shirt you bought when you were 13 or the Delta Goodrem t-shirt from your first concert.

6. Too soon

Dress up as something that is too soon to bring up. If you have cynical friends, this’ll be a night to remember. Your moral compass will certainly be questioned by this theme. I'm not going to offer suggestions on this one (gotta protect Year13's brand integrity) but if you do a quick Google you'll definitely find some risky options.

7. $15 to thrift

A cheap theme party is setting a rule that your mates must head to Vinnies and buy an outfit under $15. 

8. Zodiac theme

Dress up as your horoscope and get your mates to guess your sign. If you’re a Pisces, dress up as a literal fish. If your sign is a bit more subtle like Virgo, dress up as what traits your horoscope represents. 

9. Night of a 100…

If you’re hosting the next house party, pick an iconic celebrity. Then make your mates dress in different outfits they’ve worn that have been iconic. Take Lady Gaga for example–you’ve got plenty of music videos to work with here. Or the legendary meat dress. Then, you’ll call your party the ‘Night of a 100 Lady Gaga’s’. Other options are Katy Perry, Britney Spears, David Bowie and Miley Cryus.

You don't need to be restricted to celebrities though, characters work too: Carrie Bradshaw or Elle Woods are good ones.

10. Stereotypes

The idea is to go as a stereotype and over-exaggerate it to no end. Think thongs, footy shorts accompanied by a singlet. Or, a couple of coats of Bondi Sands, minimal clothes, some gold necklaces and and a Coachella wristband.

Theme parties can be pretty hit-or-miss. If you have crap friends who turn up in regular clothes you're not going to be in for a fun time but if everyone commits to the theme, these parties are a bloody good night. And, if these themes aren't doing it for ya, go for your tried and tested categories: schools out, jungle, blast from the past, sports, careers, pyjamas, Hawaiian, something starting with *insert letter*, Halloween, Coachella, animals or superheroes & villains.

Take your pick and have fun.