Getting through a degree at uni can be a bit of a hard slog. Imagine that hard slog increased by two-fold to a damn near impossible task and that is what it’s like when you’re doing a double degree. It’s daunting and inevitably involves more work than doing a single degree. If you’re a crazy fool (like myself) who decided to plunge headfirst, here are a few tips that can set you up to tackle your double degree.

1. Separate the two degrees

It’s not unusual for your degrees to go hand-in-hand with one another, like a Law and Commerce degree. But after a while, your two degrees that share similarities may seem like a big blur. Definitions and concepts become muddled and come the exam, you’re a hot mess. So, it’s best for you to make sure you keep the two distinct from one another.

The best way to do this is to create days where you only work on content from one of your degrees. This way, you’ll learn concepts in the context of the degree, making it easier to actually stick in your head for exams. 

2. Create schedules

When your semester starts, suss out your subject outlines and required readings. Then, make an assessment schedule and a study schedule. You’re going to need to be hella organised to survive your double degree.

3. Make cuts where necessary

Being organised and on top of your assessments and study schedule means nothing when you don’t have time to do the work. You’re going to have to make some sacrifices. Next time your mate invites to a weekend bender or a cruiser challenge, slide them a ‘nah, maybe later’. They’ll get it.

4. Pick your favourite degree

This can be rough but eventually you’ll find yourself enjoying the subjects of one degree more than the other. Naturally, you spend more time and effort on your readings and assignments for this subject. And by chance, it may be the degree that you use in the future. But, don’t toss aside your other degree. Still make sure you put in the effort but if you’ve come to terms with the fact that this degree is the ugly duckling, don’t fret too much. Just make sure you do enough to pass. P’s get degrees, right?

5. Assess whether you still want to do this

After exams are done, results are released and you’re gearing up for another torturous semester, take a step back and breathe. Assess whether you’re enjoying what you’re doing. If one degree is causing you absolute grief and you’re no longer interested, let it go. There is no shame in ditching what is causing you misery and excelling in an area you love.

No one said doing a double degree would be easy. Take some time to chill out, hang with friends or binge Netflix. Make sure your mental health is a priority before your degree. Then get back in the library and study your ass off. You'll get through it eventually.