We’ve explained what apprenticeships and traineeships are, where you can study them, and how to go about landing one, but what about the reasons for pursuing this pathway? Whether it’s for the job satisfaction or the range of opportunities afterward, here are all the things you can expect with from your apprenticeship or traineeship.



Unlike your mates that are struggling to work and study at the same time, you’ll actually be making money while completing your training. This is because apprentices and trainees get paid for the work they complete on-the-job, so you’ll actually leave your studies with money in the bank rather than thousands in student debt.

Get experience while getting a qualification

Instead of learning about concepts and ideas that you may or may not apply in your future job, doing an apprenticeship involves getting real-life experience from a real-life company. You’ll be working on problems and projects that are actually commonplace in your chosen industry, as well as being trained in the areas your employer finds valuable. Plus, you’ll even have a shiny qualification at the end that will mean you have something to prove your worth to other companies. 

Access to financial support

Doing an apprenticeship or traineeship also makes you eligible for a number of financial support programs that can help you and your employer during your training. There’s a Trade Support Loan that’s worth up to $20,808 for eligible apprentices designed to cover everyday costs during training, as well as a Living Away From Home Allowance for those that have to move away from their parents’ or guardians’ home. The User Choice policy means State and Territory Governments subsidise the cost of training at Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), and some apprentices and trainees may also be eligible for Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY from Centrelink.


There’s also a level of enjoyment that comes with undertaking paid employment and training under an apprenticeship or traineeship. You’re valued enough by an employer to be considered an investment, you’re doing work that you find interesting and challenging, and for most apprenticeships you get to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. In fact, data from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research has shown that 92.3% of apprentices achieved their main reason for doing the training, and 89.7% are satisfied with the overall quality of their training.



Completing an apprenticeship or traineeship almost guarantees you a job afterward, with 81.2% of apprentices and trainees employed after their training, and 92.2% for those in a trade occupation apprenticeship. In comparison, only 71.8% university graduates in full-time employment four months after completing their degree, with some areas as low as 53.2% (creative arts), 59.0% (science and mathematics), and 60.6% (communications).

Further study

An apprenticeship or traineeship can also set you up well for further study, either immediately or after gaining more experience. After gaining your Cert III or IV you’re now eligible to study a Diploma or Advanced Diploma, opening more options for you. After working your way up the ladder another possibility is to work towards a Bachelor’s degree for more senior and management roles. This is especially suitable for courses like Construction Management or Business Administration.

Work for yourself

Another option is to work for yourself and become a licensed contractor or sub-contractor, particularly if you have studied a trade apprenticeship. Licensed contractors have complete independence and are responsible for all facets of their work, from getting the appropriate insurance to chasing new work, though it also means you get to be your own boss. Sub-contractors do get given work from other contracting companies, but the job itself is up to you. All of this can lead to starting your own business where you have your own employees and maybe even train a few apprentices yourself.


Like with all milestones, completing an apprenticeship or traineeship means you have the option to take some time out for yourself to recuperate. If you want to travel after your training, that’s a-okay; upon returning home, you still have your qualification and valuable experience that makes you highly employable in a field that’s probably on the hunt for more talent. Since apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications are nationally recognised, you can even settle elsewhere in Australia for a little working adventure, plus your skills will be transferable to other work globally.