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Borneo Orangutan Sanctuary

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What is Borneo Orangutan Sanctuary?

Due to the mass deforestation, mining and forest fires, the habitat of the orang-utan is under constant threat. As a consequence, the species is increasingly endangered. The rescue and rehabilitation centre is a refuge for all of Sarawak’s protected wildlife by specialising in caring for rescued, injured or orphaned orangutans. 

Is it made for me?

If you’re a lover of animals and are passionate about environmental issues then this project is for you.

What will I do?

You will collect vital data about the behaviours and movements of the orangutans, create an enriching environment for the animal, participate in organic farming, clean the enclosures and maintain and construct new enclosures. You will also have the opportunity to work with the 50+ Sun Bears that reside at the centre.

Where can I do it?

This project is surrounded by the picturesque Kubah National Park in Sarawak, Malaysia.

What will my experiences be?

The sanctuary will allow you to actively participate in the efforts of the impressive Matang Wildlife Centre and its fantastic team, and help to improve the lives of the orang-utans, all whilst working towards their future protection.

How is this good for me?

Gain a deeper awareness of the impact of the environment on an animal’s life. This will help to build a firm foundation if you are interested in a career in environmental studies or animal welfare.


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