African Wildlife Sanctuary

From AU$2095
2 week or more
18yrs and above

What is the African Wildlife Sanctuary program?

The African Wildlife Sanctuary is a really amazing rescue and rehab centre for all African wildlife, from lions, leopards and cheetahs to zebras, giraffes and baboons.

You will be an important resource in the daily care and feeding of the animals, as well as helping to maintain and develop the sanctuary.  You will provide enrichment through animal interaction such as walks in the bush, intensive care for young wildlife, meal preparation and research activities. This is an exceptional opportunity to get hands on with African wildlife and many aspects of their care.

The package includes return airport transfers, accommodation, meals and an exciting program of activities under the care and guidance of trained conservation professionals.  Our volunteers come from all over the world, most travelling solo, so the experience is very social as well as doing great things for the wildlife of Africa.  If you have time, it is highly recommended to add a wildlife research week to your trip – contact us for more details.

What did previous participants think?

“10/10 This was such an incredible experience and opportunity to help the wildlife of Namibia! I am so happy I have this trip to look back on forever.   I was terrified to travel alone as a young female and for the first time. But you assured me I’d be completely fine (which I was) and answered every question I had no matter how trivial or complex.  I’m so happy I went through you guys! This was the best thing I’ve done in my life.”  Ash from QLD

“What an absolutely unreal month in Namibia.  It was the most amazing month of my entire life!”  Faith from QLD

But isn’t Africa dangerous?

Namibia is a great option for a first trip to Africa - Australian DFAT rates Namibia "Green" for safety and security - that's considered as safe for travellers as New Zealand, Singapore and Fiji !!!

The sanctuary itself is a highly professional operation, a very safe and secure environment, fenced and patrolled.  You’re picked up as soon as you arrive at the airport and dropped back at the airport at the end, so there is really no time during your stay that you are on your own.  You stay on the sanctuary grounds and rooms are twin-share – when travelling solo you’ll be paired with another solo traveller (same gender).  The sanctuary is a large operation with many permanent paid staff working alongside a large team of international volunteers (anything from 30–50 at any given time). It’s a very social and friendly environment.  They operate strict health and safety procedures to ensure there are no issues around the animals.

We can genuinely state, this is a place that we regularly and quite comfortably send young, solo, female travellers on their first overseas trip (and indeed, the vast majority of volunteers here are solo females).

Where will I stay?

On-site twin/triple-share accommodation is provided at the sanctuary, very safe and secure and very comfortable – if travelling solo you’ll be paired with another volunteer (same-gender).  Showers and toilet facilities are shared.

Three delicious meals a day are included so you’ll enjoy the luxury of having your breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared for you. You can look forward to some authentic African braais (BBQ) on a weekend too !

What will I do?

Duties begin around 8am and tasks at the sanctuary are varied, with all aspects of the program carried out on rotation to ensure that everybody gets involved in the full range of experiences available. 

  • Food prep and feeding the animals, inc the Big Cats
  • Lion guard – group sleep-out near lion enclosure to act as night security
  • Baboon walk – escorting baboon troup out into the bush reserve
  • Cheetah walk – accompany rangers into the reserve, to provide open exercise for the captive cheetahs
  • Enrichment – creation of objects to stimulate natural behaviours
  • Intensive care for juvenile wildlife, which may include overnight care for young baboons and other animals
  • Research activities inc camera traps, game counts, footprint identifications, etc
  • Horse riding and stable maintenance (no experience required)
  • Cleaning and maintenance of animal enclosures
  • Other project work

How do I apply?

If you're interested and want some more info or to apply to this program, chuck in your details below or download the info pack and someone will be in touch to help you out!


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