Teach Kids in Bali

From AU$1145

What is Teach Kids in Bali?

With Bali’s rapidly expanding tourism industry, the demand for local English speakers has never been greater.


Is it made for me?

If you love children and are passionate about educating the next generation, if you’re creative and passionate and driven to engage young people, then look no further!

What will I do?

Volunteers on this project will spend one to two hours each morning preparing their own creative lessons and three hours in the afternoon teaching at a local elementary or high school. You’ll run games, songs, art, sport and music. If you’re new to teaching you have the option to team up with another in the classroom. This is an excellent way to build confidence and gain greater control of the class.

Where can I do it?

This program is situated in the calm and creative village of Ubud in Bali.

What will my experiences be?

You will ignite the fuse of lifelong learning, enthusiastically encourage and inspire children, and ensure each child is confident and articulate in both spoken and written English.

How is this good for me?

You will learn creative methods of teaching and how to make effective lesson plans, integral if you are looking to enter the education industry. This experience will be invaluable to further study or work in childcare.


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