Homestay and English Teaching in France

From AU$1295

What's a Teaching English In France Gap Year?

Immerse yourself fully into the real and rich French culture while improving your linguistic skills and those of your host family. This experience is about gaining insight into the French lifestyle and developing your teaching and relational skills!

How is this good for my career?

When you decide to take on a teaching gap year such as this, you are fully responsible for how much you and your family of pupils will benefit. If you are considering teaching a language, especially French, becoming a teacher, or moving to France, you will learn invaluable skills for time management, lesson planning, and adaptability. Future employers in your future field will want to know about your experience and you will be chalk full of gained knowledge and applicable approaches.

What will I experience as I teach English?

This is the chance to change the lives of a French family who will, in turn, change yours. A teaching experience outside the classroom that you will be in charge of but that will still offer plenty of free time to enjoy the finer details of France. The progress and growth of the family’s English will be a direct result of your work so the effort you are willing to put in will influence the results you receive.

Where can I do it?

The locations are all over France, which means even greater chance of being taken off the beaten track of the usual tourist spots to immerse yourself into the real life and electricity of this beautiful country. Find your own spot for a famous baguette and a bottle of wine and see what France is really all about!

What will I do as I teach English?

This is the chance to teach your host family, outside the formalities and structures of a ‘real school’ environment. This is a unique opportunity to help your host family with their English studies for up to 15 hours per week but with the liberty to discuss and collaborate with the family through different teaching methods: formal lessons, dinner conversation, sharing activities with the children, or even playing games in English.

Is it made for me?

Whether you were interested in French class at school or want to learn how to teach someone else a language, this trip is ripe for the taking! If you consider yourself interested in becoming a teacher or would like to entertain the idea whilst bettering your French, this is for you!


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