Teaching Buddhist Monks

From AU$1395

What is a Teaching Nepalese Monks Gap Year?

Gap year programs continue thanks to the contributions of people like you who want to teach your language and embrace all that makes the culture of your location come to life. In Nepal, you will teach English to Buddhist monks while a genuine Nepali family opens its doors to house and feed you. By taking part you will be improving the world by making global friendships and emphasizing values such as tolerance and peace.

Is it made for me?

Do you want to hone in on the ideals that drive the Buddhist monks of Nepal? Have you a desire for teaching and being taught? Are you searching for a spiritual experience that will also bring you more down to the earth? Nepal is home to some of the friendliest and most hardworking people. This is an opportunity to experience their unique lifestyles first-hand and contribute to their hunger for knowledge.

What will I do as I teach English in Nepal?

As a volunteer, you will be working with intelligent and educated adults who will help you teach English during the week and organize fun activities in the evening for the children. This is such an incredible experience to join in with meditation, rituals, prayers, and songs with the monks. The schools in the monasteries provide classes in a number of subjects for the monks, divided into groups ranging from age 8 to 13.

Where can I do it?

Nepal is a country for exploring and immersion. Home to 8 of the world’s 10 tallest mountains, its breath-taking landscape will both intrigue and humble you. The Nepali family will even offer you traditional garbs during your stay so you will better fit in! Don’t miss the most significant Hindu Temples or any of the most Buddhist sites while having the opportunity to try a traditional Nepalese Momo (dumpling) from one of the many street vendors.

What will I experience as I teach English?

The whole idea of the project is about volunteers going to Nepal to experience the culture and share their own with the local people. You can expect to walk to your classes on foot or on bus to give you the chance to truly embrace the lifestyle, and you can expect to leave a piece of yourself behind with these genuinely loving and welcoming people.

How is this good for my career?

Further down the road in your career, the foundations you build in Nepal will carry over tenfold. It won’t just be patience and humility, but an ability to relate to people who you previously had nothing in common with. Whether you decide to go on into a role in teaching, paying your spiritual learning forward, or choose any role for your future career, your ability to take a lead and teach the Nepalese people will be regarded highly by your future employment.


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