UK Pub Work Gap Year

From AU$995
Up to 12 Months
Paid work

What’s a Pub Work gap year?

Does this kind of gap year really need explaining? You work in a pub, or many pubs, to fund your year of travel! You’ll work to earn your keep, food and board at one of these fine establishments, and may be given tips or a small allowance to help you spend your leisure and travel time more easily between work shifts or pub gigs. Year13 gap years will help you set up your stay with legitimate and reputable places, or you can take the risk and wing it by yourself if you’re a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of person, if you’re not, enquire with Year13 and we will help you find the perfect pub for you to gap at.

Is it made for me?

If you’re lively, energetic, sociable, outgoing, can have a yarn and pull a beer at the same time, and just quietly, don’t mind a bit of a party, then this gap year is for you!
The most obvious things are that you will need a qualification such as an RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate, and a food service one to match sometimes, which are internationally recognised if you’re going to be serving alcohol and food in a pub overseas. Be sure to check the visa requirements for whatever country you’ll be working and holidaying in too. Some experience and qualifications are preferred for certain kinds of work, but not needed for others.
Apply through Year13 and we can arrange all the necessary training requirements before you set off on what's sure to be one belter of a gap year.

What will I do with myself as a pub worker?

Depending on what work you decide to accept, you could be working behind the bar as a bartender, on the floor as a waiter or waitress, in the kitchen as a cook or kitchen hand, as a housekeeper, or any other general pub duties. Shifts will vary from early morning to late night. You can expect to work long hours and be busy with crowds.

Where can I do it?

Europe, especially the U.K, are some of the most popular destinations for pub gap year work. Pubs in Britain hire a lot of Australian workers throughout the year, and we mostly have a good reputation as hard workers. Year13 can sort all of this out for you as we guarantee a placement in a pub in one of a million European pubs.

What will I experience as a pub worker?

A realistic idea of what working in hospitality, pubs and clubs, hotels, restaurants and bars is all about. Hard work, long hours, busy crowds, quiet times, meeting new people, parties and nightlife, making lots of friends, freedom and time to explore places.

How is this good for my career?

If you want to break into the hospitality industry at the end of your gap year, working at pubs while travelling will give you experience and qualifications on an international level, which is a bonus when you’re competing for entry level jobs back home, and gives you a head start when it comes to you getting basic qualifications.


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