Business, Admin & Entrepreneurship


Business, admin and entrepreneurship are all about creating efficient processes. There’s a whole range of job titles that come from these industries, from owning your own business to working as a recruiter to managing a sales team. Generally, roles in the field of business are suited to people who aren’t afraid to take a few risks and lead the pack. Another massive aspect of good business is good communication across all the different mediums.

Will it suit me?

Business requires a whole range of skills, but in general, business people are self-motivated and highly driven to achieve their goals. Because it’s such a self-directed vocation, you really need to set your goals, then take responsibility for achieving them. Another important trait for business is the ability to communicate your plans to other people, such as your clients, contractors and staff. If this sounds like you, chances are you could find yourself working in some capacity of business.

What jobs can I do?

Account executive, administrative assistant, administrative manager, business analyst, financial analyst, investment advisor, investment banker, investor relations officer, loan officer, mortgage banker, portfolio manager, ratings analyst, stockbroker, compensation analyst, employee relations specialist, HR coordinator, staffing consultant, business systems analyst, content manager, content strategist, database administrator, digital marketing manager, full stack developer, information architect, marketing technologist, mobile developer, project manager, social media manager, software engineer, systems engineer, software developer, systems administrator, web analytics developer, web developer, office manager, operations manager, risk manager, assessor, auditor, bookkeeper, budget analyst, chief financial officer, tax specialist, treasurer, business owner, entrepreneur.                      

How can I get there?    

Universities offer a whole range of different degrees in business, administration and entrepreneurship. However, it’s become quite common for those entering the business and finance sectors to skip university altogether and get an internship or a diploma from TAFE (or another training organisation). Some people even start their own businesses from the ground up, without any previous training or experience. Essentially, there are myriad pathways to a career in business, and with a bit of forward thinking and dedication, you can tread your own.

Is it a good industry?

Business is such a broad term that it encompasses pretty much every industry. All organisations need good business people in order to function efficiently and effectively. In general, working in business is seen as pretty glamorous industry, with dapper outfits and long, boozy lunches, but it can also be quite demanding and stressful. As the world changes, so does the way we do business, so be prepared to constantly adapt to market and industry changes.