Creative, Digital Media & Design


Creative technology, digital media and design encompasses all the amazing creative work that you see on a day-to-day basis, from the articles you read online, to the products you use every day, to the advertisements you see on bus stops, to the clothes that you wear. Everything man-made that we use or enjoy daily needs to be designed or composed, and this industry encompasses the creative process behind it all. This includes so many careers, from graphic designs to video game development, product design, interior design, marketing, copywriting… the list goes on.

Will it suit me?

If you consider yourself a creative type, then this is most definitely the industry for you. There’s so many branches of the creative technology, digital media and design industry, so all different skill sets are welcome. But if you enjoy coming up with new and innovative ideas, are tech-savvy and love colour, design, graphics, writing, storytelling, aesthetics, fashion, film, video games or interiors, then you’ll be suited to the industry. It’s particularly good for the flexible and self-motivated folk among us, because there are a lot of opportunities for freelancing and managing your own clients. These creative skills can also be utilised internationally, so you can work overseas or work and travel, digi-nomad style.

What jobs can I do?

Graphic designer, 2D or 3D animator, illustrator, multimedia designer, digital design, social media marketer, social media manager, communications officer, web designer, web developer, game designer, game developer, content writer, copywriter, marketing specialist, advertising specialist, interior designer, fashion designer, product designer, videographer, photographer, visual director, digital producer, media artist, account manager.

How can I get there?    

Most universities TAFEs and private colleges offer degrees, diplomas and certificates in some variation of digital marketing, creative arts, writing, graphics, digital media and design. However, with the increasing reliance on work experience, many people are entering the industry without any formal study. If you’re passionate and have spent significant time at home learning the ropes, you can usually land yourself an internship which could lead to a job, or you could skip all of that and try your hand at self-employment.

Is it a good industry?

It can be a very challenging industry. Your creative mojo can come and go, and it isn’t always reliable. It can also be difficult to communicate with non-creative clients who may not understand how much time it takes to create or build a certain project. But it is also a very rewarding industry - seeing your creative work or strategy in action and appreciated by other can be uplifting and enhance your creativity even further.