Teaching & Education


Teaching is all about passing knowledge and skills on to others. While the teaching profession also encompasses adult education, it’s more commonly about engaging with children and young people. As far as professions go, teaching is one of the noblest, and one of the most important for our collective future. It’s also one of the safest industries in our rapidly changing world. 

Will it suit me?

Good teachers are friendly, good at listening and excellent at communicating. They’re generally the sorts of people who are active and well known in their communities, who can comfortably interact with people of all ages, and who are able to uphold a regular routine.

Job titles:

Early childhood teacher, primary school teacher, high school teacher, teacher’s aide, ESL teacher, university lecturer, tutor, professor, sports coach, swimming teacher.


To become a primary school or high school teacher, you need to earn a Bachelor of Education from a university. Another option, say if you already have a degree in arts, science or law, is to then undertake a Masters of Education, which takes an extra two years. Early-childhood teachers usually complete a degree at university but they can also choose to do a traineeship at TAFE instead. University tutors are often employed while undertaking their own studies, such as a Masters Degree or a PhD.              

Is it a good industry?

As far as jobs go, becoming a teacher is about as steady as they come. There will always be young people who need to get educated, and teachers often stay in the same career for the entirety of their working lives. They say it takes years to get really good at teaching, but for the right person, it’s also one of the most rewarding professions around. Though the working hours aren’t flexible at all, teaching provides a decent salary and far more holidays than most jobs out there.