With rapid technological advancements, the growing prevalence of mental health issues and a shifting education market, Australian youth face more challenges than ever transitioning from high school into the real world. Our After the ATAR reports were designed to give educators and employers insight into the mind of today’s young people so they can understand what needs to be done to communicate with them more effectively.

After the ATAR I

This was our first report based on several national surveys conducted by Year13 in April 2017. We received thousands of responses, the majority from students currently in high school but also including other youth, parents and VET (vocational education and training) students.

Our data gives insight into young people’s life during high school and their transition from school into employment, VET and higher education.

After the ATAR II

This is our latest report based on two national surveys conducted between April and June 2018. We received over 4,000 responses from young people all over Australia.

This data focuses on creating a picture of youth today in regard to their place in the world, health, money, and relationship with social media and technology. We give insight into the final years of high school, as well as the various influences on youth when making post-school decisions.

Both reports can be accessed at YouthSense.

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