So you’ve decided you need a little extra cash and you have enough spare time up your sleeve to squeeze in some shifts around your school timetable. Aside from the obvious hospo and retail jobs, if you’re new to working, there’s plenty of other jobs out there that don’t require years of experience and will still put money in your pocket.

1. Surf life saver

This one requires you to join a surf life -saving club and obtain a qualification. CPR and First Aid are obvious, plus you need your Bronze Medallion to become a surf lifesaver. While beach surf life savers are generally volunteers, if you’re qualified you can be hired at placed like water parks and pools. Aside from that, if you have no work experience surf life-saving is a pretty cool first job.

2. Intern

While putting in the hard hours for no pay can be a little rough, don’t write off internships as a waste of time. Because you’ll be working for free, a lot of companies aren’t worried about lack of experience and it can be the perfect stepping stone to something bigger and better (that actually pays you).

3. Teacher’s aide

Teachers’ aides largely help teachers deliver lessons and many aides hold a Certificate III in Education Support. Work experience and a connection within the school (like a best friend whose mum is a teacher) will help land one of these gigs where there’s no formal qualifications or experience necessary.

4. Referee/official/umpire

If you play a sport or are keen on a job that won’t keep you cooped up inside all weekend, consider refereeing/officiating. Different sports have different pathways- you’ll probably have to do a local course to get started but you won’t need any other experience once you pass. Confidence and resilience are key, so if you’ve got that down pat you’ll be good to get out on the field.

5. Coach/instructor

Following on the sporting theme, becoming a coach or instructor at a grassroots level is a good option if you already have the skills but not a lot of experience applying them. Jobs like swimming instructing are perfect if you don’t have experience behind you because all you need is a pass in swimming and water safety course and 16-20 hours of industry training which means it’s super quick to get your accreditation and start raking in the cash.

6. Admin/reception

A lot of admin and reception tasks are straightforward (think answering the phone, speaking with clients, data entry) which is why some places are happy to hire you and complete on the job training, even if you don’t have a tonne of experience behind you.

7. Tutor

If you aced a subject at school and have a few spare afternoons, tutoring is a great way to earn some money if you don’t have any experience behind you. You’ll be able to set your own rates, and if you’ve already taken the class, you’ll have all your own notes to work off.

8. Baby sitting

A classic starter job for teenagers, babysitting is perfect if someone you know needs a sitter. If you already have a younger brother or sister even better- you probably already have the child wrangling skills to breeze through it.

9. Waiter/bartender/barista

Before you turn up your nose at the downfalls of the hospo industry (basically, don’t be a job snob), consider that major fast food chains are pretty good with hiring teenagers with no experience and giving them on the job training (that you’ll be paid for) as well as solid progression pathways. It’s an easy start to earning your own cash and gives you a good, reputable reference for your resume.

10. Retail sales assistant/cashier

Much like hospo, large retail chains are happy to hire teenagers with little to no experience. Basic stuff like packing shelves and learning the register are easy to pick up with someone training you on shift, and customer service always looks good on your resume for later on down the track.