Thirteen years of education does a fair bit in preparing us for the big, bad world. We’re taught to read and write, basic maths skills and how things like gravity and photosynthesis works.

We can structure arguments, tell the difference between a noun and a verb and know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

But, when you finally get around to graduation and start trying to be an adult, you realise that Pythagorus’ theorem isn’t going to jump start your car and there’s plenty of other things you wish you could have taken a class on in high school.

1. How to ace a job interview

Nailing a job interview is a pretty important part of the whole employment process, but without any prep it’s easy to mess it up. Your first serious job interview fresh out of high school might be a bit of a dud, but it all comes down to experience which you probably couldn’t get during school.

2. How to motivate yourself

Without all your teachers on your back about studying or getting started on your assignment, it’s easy to put everything off until the last possible second. When you’re being force-fed your education you never learn how to motivate yourself to get shit done in the real world.

3. How to organise your time

The world of high school is meticulously regulated. Class timetables tell you where you need to be and when and periodic bells let you know that it’s time to eat, or pee, or go home. For the most part, your entire day is planned for you from the moment you wake up until you flop on your bed in the afternoon. But once you leave, you need to figure out how to manage your time by yourself.

4. How to buy/rent a house

Apparently our chances of ever buying a house are ruined by our avo-eating ways, but our years of maths in high school haven’t really helped either. We walk out those school gates with no knowledge on home loans or how to rent or buy our own place or what any of the processes are.

5. How to look after a car

Jump starting a car and checking the oil should be a compulsory class. Knowing how to structure an essay isn’t going to help us when we leave our lights on and are stuck in the middle of a carpark with no idea what to do. Not to mention trying to sort out insurance and rego.

6. How to write a cover letter or resume

When you’re in high school, your casual hospo or retail job probably just needed you to fill out an application form. But when you start looking for an ‘adult’ job, employers want to see a cover letter and a resume. Luckily, we’ve picked up the slack and written a handy little list to help you out.

7. How to sort your taxes

Taxes are one of those things in life you can’t avoid, so why aren’t we taught what the fuck a tax return is or how to do it?

8. How to deal with police

Whether you’ve done something wrong or not, it’s important to know where you stand, legally, if you’re pulled over or approached by police.

9. How to make your own decisions

You spend thirteen years of your schooling life being told what to do by your teachers. Even when you get a bit more freedom with subject choices in your final years, you’re still not really making your own decisions. That is, until you graduate and you’re expected to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life- naturally, the sheer pressure overwhelms even the best of us and school never taught us how to make these decisions by ourselves.

10. How to enjoy sex

Your obligatory PDHPE lesson on condoms and periods really doesn’t equip us for the realities of sex, and our only other go-to’s for info are unrealistic pornos and a fair bit of Googling. Schools manage to flat out ignore anything other than guy/girl sex and gloss over any of the nitty gritty bits.