As the imminent beginning of higher education looms, it’s easy to freak out a bit. What the heck is it going to be like? Will I make any friends? Will I even like what I’m doing? Well, let me tell you, it’s going to be better than high school.

It’s easy to forget that there’s actually a whole heap of things to look forward to, regardless of what you’re studying. Uni is the best and a lot of people never look back and don’t ever leave. It’s not hard to see why:

1. Campus Bar

Say hello to morning beers, live music and hot food menus.

2. No uniform

Never again will you be forced to tuck in your shirt, pull up your socks, or refrain from those facial piercings. Go barefoot, dye your hair green and wear suspenders with your pyjamas. Anything goes.

3. DIY Timetable

Five days a week? How about you try and fit all your subjects into two and have a five day weekend?

4. Subject Choice

Never again see that dreadful English Devil. Immerse yourselves in the subjects that interest you and those you’re good at.

5. Holidays

Ha! You thought ten weeks a year was a good deal? It gets better at uni–try 20 weeks or more of time off. Plus the days you manage to weasel out of class each week, not including the extra exam weeks if your degree doesn’t have them (one of the perks of doing an Arts degree).

6. Friends

Never again will you have to see ‘that guy’ five days a week. Sit in your lecture theatre of a few hundred people and take comfort knowing that you can pick and choose. No more cliques and a heck of a lot more freedom, what more could you want?

7. Freedom

Free from spoon-feeding and the box that high school keeps you in… no one on your case about assignments, readings and those ‘optional’ lectures… you put in what you want out of it.

8. Live on campus

If you live far from campus or you’re simply craving the freedom, the ability to live on campus is a wild experience that deserves more than one bullet point in this post. Probably the most fun you will have in your entire life.

9. Events and activities

Every university hosts a wide range of activities from pub-crawls to hikes to music festivals. There is something happening every week and it’s a guaranteed good time (especially when there’s free booze involved–what high school gives you that).

10. The food is better

From fast food to Indian, sushi and Thai, your taste buds are sure to be tempted at every class break. Sorry canteen ladies, this takes the cake for me.

11. Hanging out alone

Eating lunch alone? Curled up on the grass alone? Studying in the library alone? Not weird. Completely acceptable and great for those of us who get easily sick of other people’s bullshit and just need to spend some time by ourselves.

12. You’re never bored

There is always something to do: eat, sleep, drink at the bar, lounge in the beanbags–if you have enough time in between all the study, socialising, lectures and tutorials of course.