Skipping class in high school was the pinnacle of being cool. You’d come back with Maccas in your hand and be idolised as some sort of god by everyone that was too scared to step outside those school gates. If you managed to do it without the school calling up your parents to let them know you'd ditched maths, it was a success, and even if you did get caught, those brief hours of freedom were always worth it.

But, skipping class at uni is different. You don’t get in trouble for saying sayonara to lectures and sinking a few bevvies at the uni bar. You’re supposedly an adult now and it’s your responsibility to decide which classes you're going to show up for. It's easy to justify skipping a class here and there but there's a couple of things you need to consider before sleeping in and missing that 8am tute.

So, to skip or not to skip?

Why you should skip class

1. More time to sleep

The fact that 8am lectures and tutorials exist is honestly inhumane. It’s easier to hit the snooze button than to get up, get ready and trek it off to uni at ungodly hours of the morning to attend a class that may not even be that useful after all. Most of the time you’ll also find that your tutor doesn’t even want to be there either so don’t feel bad when you prioritise a little extra sleep.

2. You can sink a few bevs at the uni bar

Sometimes a cold beer and a below average feed at the uni bar can be more appealing than another marketing tute. You’ll find that pretty much anyone on campus will be more than happy to blow off their class to have a few drinks with you. It’s where you meet new people and catch up with others–that’s what uni life is all about so it's a pretty solid reason to skip a class here and there.

3. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want

A pretty bloody good reason really. You have the freedom to do what you want to do so why not make the most of it.

Got one tute on a Friday? Skip it and give yourself a long weekend. Is it a beautiful day and you’re gonna be stuck in a lecture hall for most of it? Say see ya later and head on to the beach. If you take a day of uni, nobody is there to dictate how you spend your hours. Stay in bed all day and watch Netflix. Take a nap without setting an alarm or lay in the sun for hours. 

On the flip side, there's plenty of reasons you should probably haul yourself out of bed and get to class...

1. You're going to miss content

Uni goes fast and the content piles up quickly. Skipping a tute means you’re going to miss some important content–whether it’s assessment information, critical exam tips or answers to tutorial questions that you didn’t quite get. If you’re going to skip, get ready to play catch up.

2. You could risk a fail

Most classes require a minimum 80% attendance rate.

An average semester at uni is ten weeks which means you can only really miss two otherwise you've failed the subject before your final exam or assessment. Plan when you're going to skip carefully and keep track of how much time you've had off. Also keep note of which tutors actually mark a roll and which ones just pass around a sign on sheet–you might be able to convince your mate to sign you in when you've gone too hard the night before and can't drag yourself to your tute.

3. You're wasting your money

This is a big one. You’re paying for your degree–whether it be upfront or on HECS. I once did the maths on how much I paid for each lecture and tutorial because curiosity got the better of me. It worked out to be that I was paying close to $100 for one tutorial a week. That’s non-refundable.

It sucks if you fail just because you missed a few too many classes to scrape together enough attendance or weren't there when the tutor went through what would be in the exam. And the worst bit is you’ll have to pay that amount again and again until you pass so weigh it up carefully before you ditch class.