If you’re a first year uni student, you’ve probably been eaten alive by the big question of ‘should I stay, or should I go?’ 

As you toss and turn on your decision, you'll start to reflect on the semesters you've endured so far. You'll realise that making new friends is terrifying, 8am lectures are exhausting, deadlines are creeping up and you have next to no time to juggle a job, a social life and the massive load of content that is piling up.

Maybe some things about uni aren’t what they’re all cracked up to be. You're often broke, overtired and super stressed. Nobody tells you about the awkward ice-breakers you have to endure, the endless hours spent trying to stay awake in lectures and tapping away at an essay into the early hours of the morning so you can submit it on time. Trust me though, it does get better

It won't be long until you figure out the tricks to snagging the best park on campus or what trains aren’t absolutely chockers full of people. You’ll manage the new and terribly designed online system and how to download all the information you need for upcoming assessments.

In time, you'll explore your way around campus and suss out where the cheapest coffee is for those long days of dragging yourself to class. You'll find a quiet nook for studying in the lead up to exams and what desks always have a free powerpoint.

You’ll realise that attendance isn’t compulsory for some lectures, so you don’t have to haul yourself out of bed on a cold winter’s morning or after you've had a big night. And you'll also work out which tutors are always late to class and how that can get you an extra ten minute sleep in.

You’ll become familiar with your lecturers and faculty coordinators so you can ask for help more easily. You’ll also find people in your classes who feel just as a lost you and form some pretty tight friendships.

More importantly, you’ll get to a point in your first year where you know what you’re doing and what to expect. 

You’ll know how long it’ll take you to trudge through readings and lectures. Even if you flunk your first essay, you’ll know what to expect for the next one, then the one after that. Eventually, you're going to figure out how to nail that damn referencing and you might even stop leaving assignments to the last minute.

I’ll be honest and say it’s not going to be an overnight transformation where you finally get yourself together–you’re still going to be cramming in content and pulling all-nighters in your final year. But it does get better and it's only up from here.

Uni can be tough, especially in your first year. But give it a red hot go and see if it gets better–no one expects you to know everything straight away anyway and everyone else is just as lost as you are. If you keep slogging through and really think that uni just isn’t your cup of tea, that’s sweet as. Just make sure you give it a chance to get better before moving onto something else. Eventually, you might realise that these really are the best years of your life and that's a pretty bloody exciting to look forward to if you can slog at the start.