Going from high school to uni can be a rough transition. You’re used to teachers being on your back all the time, having every day scheduled the same way and you know exactly what you’re expected to do. When you get to uni, being completely in charge of your own education can be a bit shit. Want to actually go to lectures and tutorials and do the readings? Good on you. Want to fuck around and never hand in an assignment? No one’s gonna stop ya. Don’t want to ever go to class? Cool, join the club.

On top of all that, you’re dealing with the fact that uni is a massive step up. The expectations are higher, your essays are longer, and you have more deadlines and responsibilities. Assignments are worth big marks and failing a class can mean a chunk of extra debt and having to push back your graduation date.

Your workload is a lot bigger, and you have to deal with a lot of new things and people, so it’s completely understandable if you hate uni.

Even if you’re studying something you genuinely love, or are excited to get a career in your field, uni can be a hard slog. Uni means work and work constantly. There’s readings to catch up on, lectures to watch, assignments to start, essays to reference, research to do, reflections to write, tutorials to attend and group projects to suffer through.

I spent my first semester of uni wondering what the fuck I had gotten myself into. I constantly seemed to be behind on work- smashing out essays at the very last minute and cramming for exams the night before it was due. I started to hate the place almost as much as I hated high school- why did I have to hand in stupid assignments and listen to lectures that didn’t seem relevant to my future career at all?

The good news is, if you stick it out you’ll find that it does get better. After my first semester was done and dusted I had a chance to properly get my shit together. I knew what to expect and how to actually deal with all the deadlines flying at me. I still pulled all nighters and procrastinated to the last minute, but I could finally breathe a bit instead of drowning under all my work and going to uni wasn’t as shit as it was in first sem.

Look, I’m not saying you’re going to absolutely love uni by the time second semester rolls around, but things do get a bit easier. You know what you’re doing and the stress that comes with being in a brand new place with brand new people eases up a bit. At the very least you’ll know what gets you a pass in your classes and that alone can change the whole uni experience.

It’s totally okay to not enjoy every second of your uni life, it’s normal. Just give yourself a bit of time. And hey, if you find that you’re really not having a good time, you can always consider ditching uni altogether.