As first-year uni students flock to campuses around the country, wide-eyed and nervous, they face the beginning of their uni experience. Although there are differences, each  university newcomer will inevitably experience the following in their first year:

1. Spending ages on an email to your tutor to make sure it has perfect grammar only to get a reply that says ‘ok – Sent from my iPhone’.

2. Death staring high school students who use your library to study for exams. You were never that annoying, right?

3. Actually doing the required readings only to have your tutor talk about the lecture for the whole class.

4. Praying that you don’t get put with shit people in a group assignment and dying inside when you do.

5. Waking up for a 9am lecture and wondering why you didn’t drop out of school in Year 10 and start an apprenticeship.

6. Never being able to relax because there’s a constant backlog of readings and lectures to catch up on… but still spending hours binging on another Netflix Original.

7. Working out exactly how many marks you need to get in the final exam to pass the unit.

8. Starting the semester with the goal to get all distinctions and high distinctions then being happy with passes three weeks in. Nothing truer than the old adage ‘Ps get degrees’.

9. Pulling all-nighters to smash out essays you didn’t think were due for another week.

10. Saying you’ll catch up on work in between classes/on the train/when you get home then doing literally nothing.

11. Putting random references into your essay and hoping for the best.

12. Skipping a day of uni to catch up on uni but ending up even further behind.

13. Putting effort into your appearance for the first day then giving up for the rest of the semester. Track-pants for days.