While some of us have been busy dropping out of uni, we also want to remind you that uni isn’t the worst thing ever for everyone–it can actually an amazing few years of your life that you’ll look back on and feel nothing but love for. Have a peek at some of the best parts of uni, written by a uni student.

1. You make your own schedule

Finally you can ditch those early high school starts. The literal best thing about uni is being able to pick and choose your class times according to your own schedule. Okay, so some degrees have hours that are a bit more flexible than others, and some universities understand your need for sleep a bit better than others. But in general, you might only find yourself at uni a few days a week, or with half-days of class.

2. You get to choose what you study

No more compulsory high school subjects- goodbye Genny Maths. Because you get the choice of what you study at uni, there’s much less probability that you’ll find yourself waking up in a puddle of drool when the tutorial finishes. You’re following your own moral compass about which degree to study, and usually the subjects you have to do each semester are pretty interesting (at the very least, they’re relevant to what you’ll end up doing when you graduate).

3. You meet some of the best people

What might seem like one of the scariest parts of uni, making friends, can actually be the most rewarding. You’re no longer crammed into a classroom with random people of the same age from the same area. In your uni course, there’s people that actually want to be there–people who are straight outta high school or have come back because they know that this is what they wanna do. Anybody else probably won’t stick around for long and you’ll meet a bunch of the best people.

4. You get a chance to start adulting (with training wheels)

Uni’s a real chance for getting some independence. You’re the one who enrols, picks your timetable and makes the commute to campus. Depending on what you’re studying and where you’re studying it, it might also be a chance for you to move out of home, and start life as an adult, with all its highs, lows, and bills (so many bills).

While you’re at uni, you really come out from under your parents’ wings, and get a chance to get used to being a bit more independent before you enter the ‘real’ world. And the best part is, you’re still young enough that your family or friends will usually jump in to help you out if adulting gets a bit harder than you realised it would be.

5. You actually get to have a social life

Uni can be tough sometimes, especially around assessment period. But aside from that, there’s heaps of opportunities to go out, make friends and enjoy being alive. Most universities will have their own bars or at least a handful of cafes and it’s worth popping in during a break in classes or after a hard day (plus, most of them have student discounts, bless).

6. No one is hassling you

Uni means no schools bells, no teachers shouting and no rush to class–just a whole bunch of people chilling out in the hallways. There’s a very distinct atmosphere of calm at uni, despite how you might be feeling underneath (because trust me, 90% of people are actually super stressed about an assignment or exam coming up). Nobody freaks out if you’re not in class (considering how expensive uni is, I’m not advocating skipping every tutorial) but if you’re desperate for some sleep, you can afford to miss a few lectures and have a sleep in.

7. If it’s right for you, you’ll love it

Uni isn’t for everyone–it can be really fun, but it can also be really tough. At the end of the day though, if uni is where you’re meant to be, it’ll all work out and you’ll realise that the freedom and independence you get will make those years some of the best.

by Kaitlyn Hudson-O'Farrell