No doubt when you’re picking a uni you want to go with the best and ANU delivers on all fronts. Things like quality teachers and top class facilities are super important when trying to decide if a uni is right for you. Plus, you want to make sure the campus vibe is right and that you’re actually going to enjoy the years that you spend working towards your degree. Luckily for you, ANU nails it in every aspect, making it a top uni and well worth considering.

1. Quality teachers

Quality teachers are what will get you through your degree and ANU has some of the best. Not only are their lecturers and tutors highly qualified to make sure you’re getting the most out of the academic side of uni, ANU also prides itself on its amazing student to teacher ratio which sits at 15:1. This means you won’t get lost in the crowd and you’ll be able to use your teachers to their full potential throughout your degree.

2. Higher starting salary

On top of quality teachers, ANU also has a higher than average starting salary which can only be a good thing when you head out into the workforce looking to earn some full-time cash. The average starting salary for their graduates sits above the national average and is something you should to take into consideration when figuring out where to get your degree.

3. High QS ranking

You know ANU is a top uni when you look at their QS ranking. These rankings compare the top universities around the world and ANU comes in at a cool 20th; mixing amongst universities like Cambridge and Oxford. Not only this, it tops the list when you compare them to other Aussie universities, so you know they’re the best of the best.

4. Top facilities

From student accommodation, to study spaces and research facilities, ANU is at the top of their game in giving their students quality facilities so they can get the most out of their degree. On the academic side of things there’s plenty of places to put your head down and study. Plus, researchers and students at ANU can access state of the art equipment and facilities to help their research like the Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre which includes the only space simulation facility in the southern hemisphere. On the social side of things, ANU has top student accommodation options, cafes and bars to make sure you have plenty of places to chill and enjoy yourself on campus.

5. Independence

The very best universities are the ones that give you the chance to make the most of your uni experience. ANU has world class academics and researchers but they also know that uni is as much about creating experiences and memories as it is about getting a degree. You might decide to make the leap, move out of home and live on campus and ANU gives you the chance to flex when it comes to independence and doing the things you never could in high school.

So, if you’re looking for a top uni–one that is amongst the best in the world–that also gives you the chance to succeed and enjoy your uni life, ANU is what you’re looking for. You can sus out all the important stuff here, and it’s worth poking around their site to see everything they have to offer. From scholarships to accommodation, ANU is the best for a reason, so check ’em out.