When you think of what it’s like to get your degree at a top uni, you probably imagine hundreds of students constantly studying; heads down, hitting the books 24/7. At universities like the Australian National University, where there are top quality research and study facilities, you’d be forgiven for thinking that all anyone ever does is set up camp in the library and work hard- listening to lectures, doing readings, revising for exams and getting ahead on assignments.

The thing is, while students at ANU no doubt do work hard while they get their degrees, the uni culture isn’t the all work, no fun place you might think it is on the surface. Despite the belief that top universities are only about getting a degree, the reality is that heading to a uni like ANU is about so much more than that. Sure, some places might have a ‘get in, get out’ culture but the best universities are the ones that give you the chance to enjoy and develop from your uni experience.

Yeah, ANU students are studying hard (you would too if you had the quality teachers that ANU provides) but they’re also hanging out on campus, grabbing lunch at the cafes and restaurants, having drinks at bars with their mates, checking out the galleries and playing sport.

Studying at ANU gives the ultimate sense of freedom, which is why it’s such a good place to get your degree. You know when you’d get home from school in the afternoon and your little brother would be at his mate’s house, so you could watch whatever you wanted on TV, completely uninterrupted? Remember that feeling of pure bliss that came with being completely in charge of what you were going to do (and not having to fight over who got to pick the next show)?

Studying at a top uni can give you that feeling but instead of it only lasting until mum comes home and starts yelling at you for not getting the chicken out of the freezer, it lasts your entire degree. For universities like ANU, where moving on campus is a solid option, you’re able to get the freedom you need. Not only will you finally escape the scheduled bell times and allocated pee breaks of high school, but you’ll also be able to get a chance to move out of home and taste what it’s like to be completely free.

When you’re trying to decide what uni to head to, it’s easy to get caught up in whether a certain course is offered or the reputation of the place. While these are both super important factors you also need to weigh up whether the uni culture is going to work for you. Don’t turn away from a top uni just because you think the uni vibes aren’t going to work for you. Places like ANU are why some people say uni will be the best years of your life and if it sounds like this is the sort of place you want to get your degree at, head here and ­check them out.