“I really want to go travelling this year, but I just can’t afford to go anywhere.”

Sound familiar? I know I’ve said this sentence many times before and I seem to constantly hear it from my friends. So many places on the bucket list, yet so little money. 

The thing is though, travelling doesn’t always have to be that big trip to Europe or whole year of backpacking through South America. There are loads of smaller trips you can do on smaller budgets. So here are some ideas for adventures that will cost $2000 or less…


There are plenty of reasons that Aussies keep going back to Bali. Not only is the Indonesian island a beautiful little chunk of rice paddies, beaches, mountains, awesome food and a laid-back local culture, it’s a cheap holiday.

With promotional flights as low as $400 return, hostels from $10 a night and $2 beers, it’s a damn fine place to soak up some sun.

If you’re a super low budget traveller–the type who likes to eat street food, can hustle a good deal on scooter rental and doesn’t mind buying beers from the convenience store–$2000 might see you through for up to a month in Bali. However, if you’re looking to sip some fancy cocktails, roll out in air-conditioned taxis and stuff your face with all-you-can-eat buffets, you could probs blow $2000 in a week. It all just depends on how you like to travel.

Ubud is a hub for yoga, meditation and monkeys while Canggu has decent surf and laid back cafe vibes. Party animals will dig the vortex of Kuta and shopaholics will enjoy Seminyak.


Queenstown, NZ

New Zealand is the perfect place for a first-time traveller because while it’s a land with amazing landscapes and a unique culture, the pace and vibe of the country really isn’t that different to ‘Straya. The Kiwis are our second closest neighbours, and culturally, they’re probably our next of kin.

Promo flights can be as cheap as $450 return, hostels are around $30 a night and food is pretty much the same price as back home.

Queenstown is hub for adventurers and bungy jumping, rafting, skiing and snowboarding are massive drawcards to the town. While these activities certainly aren’t cheap, they’re pretty awesome and it’s probably worth splurging on at least a day of adventure times. Glaciers, lakes, volcanoes and Lord of The Rings tourism are also very much encouraged. Buses around the country are pretty cheap and hitchhiking is fairly common. We reckon that if you’re tight with your budget, $2000 could get you over there for at least a week, maybe two.

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia often gets overlooked as a tourist destination, maybe because it’s slotted between Thailand and Vietnam, which are both pretty big holiday spots. Whatever the reason, Cambodia is a beautiful and diverse country, boasting incredible ancient temples, tropical islands and a fascinating, yet dramatic history.

You can often score flights for as low as $500 return, hostels are literally $5 a night and food and drinks are cheap as chips.

Cambodia’s main attraction is called Angkor Wat, a sandstone temple that’s thousands of years old and was voted by Lonely Planet as the world’s number 1 site. It costs about $24 to check it out and it’s pretty damn spectacular, especially during sunrise and sunset. Siem Reap is also a bit of a party town, with loads of bars and restaurants that are constantly heaving with tourists and locals. The beaches in the south are also a massive drawcard, hosting crazy island rave parties, tranquil beachside times and everything in between. If you can score cheap flights, $2000 should set you up for a nice two-week jaunt in Cambodia, and if you’re a little bit stingy, maybe even longer.