You want to go on an epic adventure but you don’t have the cash money to make it rain. We get it. We’ve been there. In fact, we’re there right now, that’s why we know all the hella cheap destinations that’ll keep you busy until you’re a baller. Enjoy!

1. Byron Bay

In summer, Byron Bay is a hive for sunshine, surf breaks and sultry babes. It’s the perfect place to live in a van, surf every day, eat mi goreng for dinner and cheap wine for dessert. Depending on where you live, a trip to Byron may be as easy as jumping in a mate’s car and road tripping up the coast. Otherwise, it’s probably just a cheap flight away.

2. Bali

It’s become a bit of a cliché destination for Aussies over the years but that’s because the Indonesian island is our closest neighbour and beautiful af. Return flights go as cheap as $500 and living expenses are pretty affordable too. Whether you’re up for cocktails by the pool, yoga overlooking the rice paddies or snorkelling at a deserted beach, Bali’s got your back.

3. New Zealand

If you book at the right time, you can get to NZ for less than $200. While most expenses are similarly priced to Australia, skiing and snowboarding trips often work out to be cheaper and better than the resorts in Australia. Ever the land of adventure, there’s also bungy jumping, white-water rafting and hiking to get the adrenaline gland throbbing.

4. Thailand

From full moon parties to elephant sanctuaries, Thailand has some unforgettable stuff to experience. The cities are wild, the beaches are tranquil and forests are fecund. Plus the fruit is sweeter, the beer is stronger and the flights are cheaper. Paw-see-ew there?

5. Laos

An increasingly popular tourist destination, Laos has less of the tourist bustle than other popular destinations in Southeast Asia like Bali and Thailand. For just a coupla bucks you can float down the river in Vang Vieng on an inflatable tube, swim at the waterfalls in Luang Prabang and check out the rocket festival in Vientiane.

6. Mexico

The flights are a little more expensive than to visit our neighbours in South Asia, but Mexico is the amazing country where chocolate and tequila were invented. And what more could you possibly need? You can bus it around the country for very little and grab a hostel for little more.

7. Melbourne

It’s got mad street art, rad coffee and bars that never close. Unless you live there, you’ve got no excuse not to go, especially with $50 flight deals from most major cities. Brave the cold and go soak up some culture.

8. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was plagued by almost three decades of civil war, however that period is decidedly over and Sri Lanka is open for tourism once again. While the South has beautiful deserted beaches, clean waves and coconut trees, there’s a lot more to this sub-continental island nation. There are also the famed tea plantations, national parks, ancient rock carvings and picturesque mountains. Flights are cheap and so are curry, train trips and tuk tuks.

9. Canada

Okay, I admit we’re getting a little bit on the expensive side of cheap destinations now, but Canada is epic. You can get a return flight for around $1200 or cheaper if you book ahead, and the skiing/boarding is phenomenal. Canada is also one of the easiest places for an Australian to get a working holiday visa, so a longer trip could be on the cards.

10. Hawaii

Is it time to get that garish floral print shirt out and enjoy some pacific island hedonism? Or maybe you’re more keen on surfing some of the gnarliest waves in the world and hiking volcanoes. Otherwise, there’s always the pools, cocktails and shopping. Either way, it’s a cheap flight and a rad holiday.