There’s no denying that the future of work is changing. As much as we would like to ignore it, it’s this elephant in the room that’s always there, threatening to stomp all over our career prospects.

It sucks, but the way automation and globalisation are affecting jobs in Australia is something we need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the course we want to pursue. It’s not all bad; while there’s some jobs being lost there’s also plenty of others that will be growing in some pretty nifty industries. Here’s what will see the most growth over the next few years according to this report, plus some courses that’ll help ya get there.

1. Health and Community Services

By far, the industry set to grow the most over the next 5 years in Australia is the health, community support and social assistance industry, which includes jobs in aged care, disability support, mental health, youth work, health promotion and community development. Most people working in health and community services have a post-school education of some kind, whether a certificate, diploma or degree.

If you’re keen on working in this sector, a really good place to start is with an Associate Degree in Applied Health and Community Support, which will give you a well-rounded understanding of different aspects of roles and opportunities in the health and community services industry. The University College at the University of Tasmania offers this course at their Sydney campus in Darling Harbour as well as their Tassie campuses in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie. The course can be completed in two years, so you can fast-track yourself into a job before most other uni grads.

2. Scientific & Technical Services

If you can’t beat the robots – join ‘em. With automation and AI becoming more prevalent across all industries, there’s going to be more demand for people who know how to program and work with these new technologies. Think jobs like software programmers, graphic designers and cyber security.

In this industry, the University College has a couple of Associate Degree options, including Cyber Security, Sensors & Automation, and Design for those who are looking for more of a creative outlet. These degrees can also be completed in two years, and if you leave after first year you’ll still gain a diploma level qualification.

3. Accommodation and Food Services

You know what’s not going to stop any time soon? People eating. And since robots don’t have tastebuds just yet, we’re going to have to keep relying on humans to create delicious new foods.

There are some pretty awesome courses you can get into with this industry. Tassie is known for its fantastic food and wine, so studying at UCTAS is a pretty good op if you’re keen on studying food. They’ve got an Associate Degree called Fermentation Science and Separation Process, which is basically a fancy way of saying you’ll study how to make delicious things like wine, beer, kombucha, as well as things like essential oils. On the accommodation side of things, they’ve also got a course in Tourism & Events if travel is more up your alley.

If you want to ensure you’re set when it comes to getting a job after studying, jump over here and have a look at what courses the University College of Tasmania as on offer. They’ve had the future of the workforce in mind when they developed their courses, so you know your career won’t be obsolete by the time you graduate. Suss it all out over here.