The first round of uni offers are about to be released and even if you think you know exactly what it is you’ll end up doing, it’s always a good idea to consider all your options. A lot of what we hear when it comes to study choices is based on pretty conventional pathways, like committing yourself to a four-year Science or Arts degree right out of high school. This is fine if you’re happy to adjust your lifestyle to suit your studies, but some of us want to pursue something we’re actually passionate about that lets us be flexible whilst doing so.

Enter the University College of Tasmania, a part of UTAS with three campuses found across the Tassie state (as well as one in Sydney for Health students). They offer a bunch of unique courses that are totally different from what you’d expect from a university college–think winemaking, aquaculture, or driverless vehicles. By offering degrees that are super specialised, students get to learn about interesting topics in a more practical environment, so you’re getting the theory and practice and graduating job-ready straight away.

Here are some of the courses on offer:

1. Fermentation Science and Separation Processes

It may sound gross at first, but this course will have you studying the processes involved in making beer, cider, wine, gin, whiskey, as well as Tasmania’s premium bio-industries. Students undertake subjects such as applied biology, applied chemistry, sustainability, and quality management in order to create delicious food and beverages.

2. Aquaculture

This course was developed as a response to the demands of a booming aquaculture industry (it’s the fastest growing primary industry in Tassie and one of the best in the world), so you know there are jobs waiting for you afterwards. Students learn about aquatic health and the aquatic biology of species like including salmon, trout, oysters, mussels and abalone. Career options range from working in farms or hatcheries to industry regulation.

3. Sensors and Automation

This degree is concerned with using computer system technologies to solve real-world problems. By learning about electric grids, robotics, and driverless vehicles, students graduate with the knowledge needed to push innovation in a number of key industries, which is super handy considering the future of the job market is filled with automation and AI.

4. Cyber Security

As we come to rely more and more on digital technology, cyber security is important for all organisations, from banks to federal governments. Students in this degree gain the necessary skills to address key security issues and implement technologies to prevent things like hacking and credit card fraud.

5. Tourism and Events

Learn how to put on the next Dark Mofo with this degree and develop both the creative and practical skills to succeed in event management and tourism. You’ll learn what’s needed to make customers or event-goers happy and about what you can do to reduce the impact of events on the environment and community. For those looking to travel as a part of their career, this course is definitely the one for you.

6. Sport, Recreation and Leisure

This applied business degree is specialised for students working in sport and recreation clubs, leisure centres, and government departments. Students gain knowledge in business concepts such marketing and management, whilst also learning about facility management and sporting events. 

7. Agribusiness

Students studying agribusiness get the opportunity to combine technical agricultural skills with important business concepts such as management and marketing. This is extremely important for those that wish to succeed in the farming, dairy, and horticulture industries.

8. Health & Community Support

 Alright, so while health might not be the most unique course out there, the point of difference with this course is that you can complete it in two years, much faster than many other courses. Plus, this course is also run in Sydney as well, so Sydneysiders can stick closer to home for their studies.

In fact, the best thing about all these degrees is that they’re Associates Degrees, which means they only take two years to complete. Students are qualified to join the workforce immediately after graduating, or can use their time at the college as a pathway into a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Tasmania. This is perfect if you’re not ready to commit to a lengthy degree or didn’t quite get the ATAR you needed to start uni straight away.

Plus, the combination of online and face-to-face delivery means you have more time for everything else that’s important to you. And if you attend one of their Tasmania campuses, you’ll get the chance to explore the beautiful surroundings of one of Australia’s most uinique locations, enjoying the lifestyle that Tassie’s scenic hikes and crystal clear beaches can bring.

Keen to know more? You can suss out all the info over here.